Transforming A Garden With Artificial Grass

Transforming A Garden With Artificial Grass

Posted: October 7, 2021

An Artificial Grass Garden Transformation

A garden is a huge draw for today’s house hunters – with some prepared to spend thousands of pounds extra on a home just to have one. Yet, the heavenly promise of a gorgeous green paradise can all too easily turn into a hell of unfinished jobs, particularly if you don’t live and breathe trowels and bedding plants. If that sounds like you, see below how we transformed this customer run down, unused space into a low maintenance, fresh, green place to relax and unwind.

From Dull and Dark to Fresh and Bright

before and after artificial grass

Now, it’s no secret that for many the garden is usually the last part of the house to be revamped and modernised, and this customer’s garden was no exception. After years of neglect, we came in to spruce it up with some of our premium artificial grass and we couldn’t wait to get our hands on it!

Why Install Artificial Grass?

This customer wanted a light, low-maintenance garden which would be suitable for their dog and toddler. A natural lawn was out of the question as the family has a very busy life and no time to maintain a real lawn. As well as this, their garden is also mostly shaded, making it hard for natural turf to grow healthy. This made artificial grass the perfect solution.

synthetic lawn uk

The Best Artificial Grass Was Chosen

artificial grass garden install

For the artificial grass, we recommended Exbury Bright. This artificial lawn is both soft and hard-wearing, making it the perfect play surface for children and the pooch of course! Its slightly shorter, 30mm pile height makes it easy to clean up after pets and prevents the grass flattening from high foot traffic caused by running kids and stampeding dogs. It’s in the name, but Exbury Bright is a bright, fresh, and vibrant coloured artificial lawn which worked perfectly in brightening up the once dark and dull garden to create a bright, airy feeling garden.

The Perfect Surface Solution

As you can see, the customer did not have a natural lawn to replace. This was not an issue, as an artificial lawn can easily be laid on top of many surfaces, making it the ideal surface solution for a variety of different applications. If you’re not sure whether artificial grass is suitable for your project, give us a shout! We are always here to help.

synthetic lawn uk

The Final Finish

astro turf

The vibrant colour and density of the Exbury Bright artificial grass is what drew the customer towards this synthetic turf, which we used to create this lovely, low-maintenance garden for our busy customer.

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