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Glossary of Terms

We feel that a great looking lawn should be something that everyone can enjoy. As the UK’s leading artificial grass manufacturer, we want to make sure everyone understands as much as possible about artificial grass. To help with this we have compiled a glossary featuring a variety of terms.

We hope you will find it of interest, but please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or if there is anything more that we can help with.

Approved installer

These are the highly experienced teams of people that install our products, all our installers are fully trained and vetted before they can officially call themselves a Namgrass approved installer, giving our customers the ultimate peace of mind and confidence.

Artificial grass

A synthetic product that has been carefully created to look and feel like natural grass and provide a low maintenance alternative that will look great all year round with minimal effort.

Artificial turf

A commonly recognised term for artificial grass.


This is an American branded manufacturer of artificial grass developed in the 1960’s, however today people commonly use this as a generic term for artificial grass. It’s a bit like the term Hoover – other vacuum cleaners are available.


The true test of quality in Namgrass artificial grass products is the quality of the latex backing, this is what holds the grass stitches in place and provides the tensile strength making sure your grass yarn stays put.

Artificial Grass Brushing

Using a stiff brush will help stimulate the pile and ensure that it looks stunning.


An alternative name used when referring to the artificial grass product itself, commonly used in the warranty and other official documentation when referring to the product e.g. the artificial grass carpet.


Whilst artificial grass is hard-wearing and easy to maintain, to avoid any contaminate we suggest you keep the products clean using our cleaning product from time to time.


The resistance to wear and general degradation of our Namgrass artificial grass products.


A phrase given to the individual yarns in the artificial grass carpet. These are available in a host of colours and textures shapes and sizes.


Whilst not a necessity with our products, you can use a product to infill the grass to keep the yarns standing straight and to add ballast to the artificial grass. We generally suggest that using a product such as kiln dried sand will add stability to the flooring.


The process of fitting your artificial grass lawn. It’s important that you follow the established guidelines and advice and must be done right to ensure you get the most value and enjoyment from your artificial lawn.

Full guidelines are available in our How to Install section. Alternatively, you can always speak to one of our approved installers in our Find an Installer section.

ISO certification

To comply with the highest levels of quality all our products are ISO certified. As we manufacture all our own products we can ensure these strict requirements are met.


The process of connecting 2 sections of grass together to provide a seamless join between two products, details of how to do this and the tips to a great job are here.

Joining tape

The product that we use to join two sections of grass together used in conjunction with our adhesive.


Whilst a maintenance free garden is a main reason that many people choose to install artificial grass like anything from time to time you will need to look after your grass to ensure you get the most from it. Here are some tips that you can use to keep your Namgrass artificial grass lawn looking tip-top:

  • Keep it clean: remove leaves with a leaf blower or some people even use their vacuum cleaners to get rid of debris!
  • Good brush-up: use a stiff brush to stimulate the grass pile and make it look newer for longer.
  • Taking care of business: if you have pets, you can take care of their business by simply removing it then spraying away with water.
  • Rotate: if you have equipment that remains stationery we always advise moving this around from time to time to ensure even wear conditions on the grass.


Those pesky weeds don’t give up easily so we always suggest installing a weed membrane to ensure that weeds don’t appear in your artificial grass. Details of how to install this are included in the install video and guide available here.


Our furry (or non furry) friends that it would appear love playing, sitting, sleeping and generally doing whatever they do on artificial grass. If you have pets artificial grass is a perfect solution, there will be no more muddy pawprints and it’s really easy to clean up any mess that’s left. Just think no more dodgy looking brown or dead grass patches. Just a great looking lawn.


Small versions of humans that love to play, run and generally zoom about on our artificial grass products. Installing artificial grass in any garden means that kids can play outside no matter what the weather (as long as they wrap up warm of course or dress appropriately). For some great examples of how artificial grass can be used to enhance play areas have a look at our ‘Recent Projects’ section.


Areas for kids to run, play and generally do what kids do best. At Namgrass we are devoted to promoting a healthy outdoor lifestyle and our Namgrass artificial grass products are perfect for use in playgrounds. If you have equipment that remains stationary we always advise moving this around from time to time to ensure even wear conditions on the grass. You may also want to consider the use of Shockpad to soften the impact of falls.


The name given to the carpet of yarn on top of the backing.

Pile height

The length of the grass fibres.

Product support

At Namgrass we offer full product support from start to finish helping our customer with all the information they need to make the right decision when selecting the correct products and install methods to suit them. Our installers are always on hand to offer local support and of course we offer full product support to make sure you get the most from your Namgrass artificial grass lawn.

Roof gardens

The terraced areas common in flats and apartments – artificial grass is a perfect low maintenance solution.


The small sections of artificial grass that we send out for people to see and feel our lovely products for themselves. Feeling is believing. Order samples here.


The edges of the artificial grass.


Artificial grass has been used for sports for many years now and it’s very much part of our heritage, for more information why not have a look at one of our infographics. Namgrass products are used in many different sporting areas from Fifa accredited football pitches through to MUGA pitches (multi use games area).


An absorbent layer of high-density foam rubber that can be used to soften impact. This will typically be laid under the artificial grass and can be used to assess the critical fall height if needed for risk assessment. This is available in different thicknesses.


This refers to the general feel and ‘bounce’ of the grasses. This will change from one product to the next so it’s always best to see and feel a sample to decide which one is right for you. Some products will be tougher and better for use in high traffic areas. Others may be softer and more luxurious to the touch.

Sub Base

This is the foundation that we lay our grass on top of. When installing artificial grass it’s essential to ensure that your sub base is properly installed. We have a guide to this on the website, alternatively, all our installers will be trained to follow our best practise processes.


Our grass yarns are sewn into a backing and it’s the quality of this workmanship that plays a key role in the resilience and overall quality of our products. The higher the stitches per 10mm, the more dense the product.

Stockist and retailers

These are the resellers of Namgrass, we don’t sell our products direct but we have a nationwide selection of Stockists that will be able to help process your order.

Joining tape

The products that are used to join the products together. You can see how this is done in our install section where you will find some tips to delivering a terrific job.

Textured yarn

The individual grass fibres are called ‘yarns’. These are textured to give an ultra real effect. We use only the finest quality yarns in all our products.


An alternative term for grass.

U.V. stabilised

This means that ultraviolet light should not degrade the colour of our Namgrass artificial grass products. As a manufacturer of artificial grass, we test our products to ISO standards for UV resistance.


The period of time that we protect our products against manufacture fault all our products are covered by a warranty to ensure the ultimate peace of mind.


As mentioned in textured yarns, our grass fibres are made of a carefully created yarn that is sewn into our products.

Yarn profile

To ensure our products deliver a naturally look and feel our yarns are designed with natural profiles this makes them more like natural grass. It’s the bespoke design of our yarns that makes our products truly special.

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