Artificial Grass for Swimming Pools

With swimming pool ownership in the UK on the rise, more people are faced with the choice of finding the perfect swimming pool surface/surround. The more traditional type of surfacing for a swimming pool surround, paving, has been slowly switched out in favour of artificial grass. And we can see why! Just imagine sinking your feet into luxurious, soft fake grass as you step out of the pool and lounge around on a hot summer’s day. But is artificial grass up to the job? Below we highlight why artificial grass is the ideal surround for swimming pools, hot tubs, and inflatable pools.

fake grass pool surround

Why Artificial Grass is the Perfect Swimming Pool Surround

Durable ✓
Safe ✓
Low maintenance ✓
Clean ✓
Fantastic drainage ✓
Aesthetic appeal ✓

fake grass in the garden

It’s Durable
Our artificial grass is designed to last. Fake grass will withstand the constant foot traffic of stepping in and out of your swimming pool while also preventing mud being traipsed back in!
Artificial grass is also resistant to a wide variety of chemicals. You don’t need to use fertilizers or weed killers to make fake grass look good and if you have natural grass around your pool, the chemicals may kill it.

It’s Safe
Concrete and bricks around your pool become extremely slippery when wet. Artificial grass will not be as slick as concrete or bricks therefore the use of artificial turf will keep everyone safer, as it is softer and more forgiving. If someone was to slip and fall on artificial grass, the damage may not be as extensive as it would be if they hit concrete, making artificial grass a great choice for families with young children.

hot tub on fake grass

It’s Low Maintenance
When it comes to the maintenance of your artificial lawn around the pool, the only thing you will need to do is give it a brush up every so often to keep it looking fresh and remove any debris from your fake grass.

It’s Clean
You’re probably hoping to keep your pool area as clean as possible, so installing artificial grass around your swimming pool is the perfect solution. Artificial grass will keep mud, grass, leaves and other debris from getting into the water. It will also prevent the mess from finding its way back into your house!

hot tub on artificial grass

It’s Great Drainage
Natural grass and splashing children = muddy puddles, and water on concrete can be a serious slip hazard. Our artificial grass is designed with drainage holes every 10cm to allow the water to drain through the fake grass, into the ground, avoiding pooling….and serious accidents.

Artificial grass isn’t just great for pool surrounds but is also fantastic for inflatable pools and hot tubs.

Can I put an inflatable pool on top of my artificial grass?
Yes, you can place an above ground pool or hot tub on your artificial lawn. It should be noted that when an inflatable pool is on top of artificial grass for any length of time, the blades will flatten. However, brushing the fibres back up afterward will return the fake grass to all its glory, instantly! If you were to place a hot tub or above ground pool on top of real grass, the grass would discolour or die and take your lawn months to recover. Installing artificial grass will mean no more brown patches after the paddling pools have been put away!

So, do you see why artificial grass is the perfect surface for a swimming pool area?
With artificial grass, you can have that realistic look and feel along with zero maintenance. Namgrass can offer you the very best artificial grass to go around your pool.

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