Guide to Choosing Namgrass Artificial Grass

Guide to Choosing Namgrass Artificial Grass

Posted: February 14, 2022

Guide to Choosing Namgrass Artificial Grass


Here at Namgrass, as specialist suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, we pride ourselves in supplying nothing but high-quality artificial grass to our customers, no matter what kind of project it’s for. However, just because all of our products strive for the same great standard of quality, this does not mean that all of our products are the same – in fact, we produce a versatile range of Namgrass artificial grass products, for almost all kinds of synthetic grass projects.

If you’re buying artificial grass, and considering Namgrass, below you’ll find a convenient breakdown of the product groups to look out for, and which Namgrass products we’d recommend for your project.

  1. Your artificial grass budget
  2. The different uses for your artificial grass
  3. All-round artificial grasses
  4. Durable artificial grasses
  5. Luxury Artificial Grasses
  6. Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

Read on as we dive into these key areas and explore our diverse range, so that you can find your perfect Namgrass artificial grass product.

Your artificial grass budget

An important part of any project is the budget, and this is exactly why we take great care in providing quality artificial grass products at reasonable prices. However, if you’re buying artificial grass on a strict budget, then we have a few recommendations for you.

The Whitby is a top seller in the Namgrass product range, and for good reason. With a 32mm pile height and a luxury feel underfoot, Whitby holds a strong likeness to real turf, and what’s more, it’s designed with budget in mind at only £15.99 per m2.

At just £8.99 per m2, The Namgrass Aura is a low-cost, yet versatile artificial grass that’s suitable for all manner of projects. Its short pile height and 4-colour mixture of fibres means that it looks great almost anywhere.

The different uses for your artificial grass

We’d be the first to tell you about the myriad of uses for artificial grass – its flexibility and easy maintenance is one of the bigger reasons why people opt for artificial grass installations in the first place.

Manufactured from light green yarn, the Namgrass Comfort product is made to revitalise your outdoor space for all-year-round use. It also comes in 3 different pre-cut sizes, making it perfect for patios, decking, balconies – anything DIY really! If practicality is high up on your agenda, the Aura is a great pick. With its short pile consisting of both straight and curled fibres across four colours, this artificial grass product is an affordable option for your project, whether it’s a balcony, roof terrace, or children’s play area.

The Namgrass Elise is a medium pile height and high-density synthetic grass product that’s perfect for all situations – family and commercial events, hospitality venues, and any other high-traffic spaces where you need luxury softness without sacrificing durability and versatility. If golf is your game, look no further than the Play-Putt. This unique and high-quality artificial grass provides the perfect surface for recreating the golf green at home, work, or anywhere else! Its short, dense pile and good variety of colour options makes this ideal for commercial and private artificial grass installations.

All-round artificial grasses

While some of our quality artificial grass products lend themselves especially to specific applications, we understand that sometimes you’re just after a little of everything, something adaptable – a jack of all…garden projects. If this sounds like you, then look no further.

The Namgrass Vision has a vibrant green, medium pile for easy artificial grass maintenance, despite its stunning natural looking aesthetic. This makes the Vision perfect for garden parties and play – the best of both worlds. Serenity has a luscious looking 37mm pile height and is one of our most realistic-looking products. Its super-soft fibres and hard wearing thatch make it perfect for family gardens.

Durable artificial grasses

We strive to ensure that all of our products are made to stand the test of time, but if you’re looking for hard-wearing, durable synthetic grass, we’ve got you covered. The Namgrass Elise’s high density makes for an extremely hard-wearing and durable artificial grass in any scenario, while our Kirkstall product is a great choice for those who like to keep active, using their garden for sports and fitness. With a neat and short pile, it’s perfect for exercise and pets.

The Namgrass Play is exactly what it sounds like. With a very short pile height, Play is an ideal artificial grass for sports, ball games, and heavy footfall, thanks to its durable, high density fibres. It’s also easy to maintain and clean, making it a perfect artificial grass for schools.

Luxury Artificial Grasses

Arguably the most important thing about an artificial lawn is how it looks and feels, so read on for a couple of our recommendations for a synthetic grass garden with that luxury look and feel.

Downton is a long pile height product, with a deep curled thatch and rich multitioned fibres. This all works together to provide a super-soft luxury feel, while still remaining relatively affordable. If you’re striving for the ultra-realistic look, then look no further than Serenity. With its long and luxurious pile, it looks very real and natural, while also remaining hardwearing for those situations where you just don’t want to compromise – perfect for a luxury garden.

Artificial Grass for Dogs and Pets

Easy artificial grass maintenance is always a high priority to us, and the entire Namgrass range reflects this, but if you have a pet and want to minimise this maintenance, look no further than Barking.

PU backing makes Barking less absorbent than our traditional latex grasses, and the ‘W’ shaped yarn makes for great durability. If you’re buying artificial grass as a dog owner, you’d be barking mad not to take a look at this one…

There you have it – a comprehensive Namgrass guide on how to choose artificial grass for your garden or project. There are a few products we didn’t have time for, so to browse the entire range of quality artificial grasses, head to our website now.

If you’d like to explore the range of Namgrass artificial grass products for yourself, you can order up to 4 free samples today!

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