EcoGrid: an innovation in sub-base design

EcoGrid: an innovation in sub-base design

Posted: June 9, 2016

New Product: Ecogrid

Namgrass have partnered with EcoGrid to provide our customers with an environmentally friendly innovation in sub-base design.

There are many benefits of using Ecogrid as a sub-base for your Namgrass:

  1. Made from 100% recycled plastic ecogrid and artificial grass delivers free water draining fast and efficient to install backed by a 20-year Guarantee incredible load-bearing capability to ensure a perfect finish to your lawn, planning your sub-base is essential. Whilst we would normally recommend using a fine aggregate such as 0-5mm dust there is another option that’s environmentally safe, faster and easier to install as well as delivering improved drainage.
  2. Cost savings on excavation and preparation
  3. This revolutionary new product can help speed up the process of installing your artificial grass and can even help eliminate expensive excavation costs. For use in home installs you will need to remove as little as 40mm. This means less waste to landfill quicker preparation less hard-core required can be installed no matter what the weather is doing.

How EcoGrid works with Namgrass

Once you have excavated the area, the grid can be laid directly on to a screed level. The grid is then filled with sharp angular stone range from 5mm-10mm. Once complete, Shock Pad can be placed on the grids prior to the turf to give a graded critical fall height.

example of eco grid
Eco grid piece

Shaping up

EcoGrid is easy to cut to any shape or angle with a standard angle grinder. The EcoGrid system   then uses a flexible clip and fix system giving a 20mm edge restraint, which is ideal for fitting artificial grass. For full instructions please read the Installation Manual. For more information on the EcoGrid system visit their website or contact them direct on 0151 639 4281 or [email protected].

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