Sky’s Soccer AM

From concrete car park to Top Bin ready. Namgrass tackled this in a day with help from our friends.

Soccer AM artificial grass set

Key Stats

Approved Installer: Buds Artificial Lawns and Dorset Artificial Grass

Products used: Vision, Elise and Living Colours (White)

Type: Commercial

Size:  500 sqm

The Brief

The Soccer AM team were looking to replace the tired looking artificial grass for their ‘Top Bin’ feature and had approached a number of companies to be their supplier. Namgrass came top of the league for its high-quality product and service.

namgrass as Guests on Soccer AM sofa

Spanning 500sqm of concrete surface and a high traffic area through to the studio, the space needed a very hard-wearing product to handle the crowds. It also needed to be rolled back and forth each week to enable access to the other studios. A tricky ask but one we managed!

Green Vision was chosen for the outdoor goal area and Green Elise was used for the couch area in the studio for its more luxurious look and feel. The goal area, complete with goal line and penalty spot was created using white Living Colour which finished off the job nicely.

An install such as this wouldn’t be the same without a Namgrass dream team to tackle this mammoth job in a day and we drew in a couple of our Approved Installers – Buds Artificial Lawns and Dorset Artificial Grass – artificial lawn experts and all-round good guys to complete the job and what a fantastic job they did!

Here’s to another great season of the beautiful game where anything can happen but Namgrass will be always your safe bet.

Darius Merriman, Sky ‘Soccer AM’ Producer

“We are delighted to have Namgrass supply our artificial grass on Soccer AM. The team have been first class in delivering this amazing surface in a short amount of time, and we are over the moon with the finished look and quality of the grass. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with everyone at Namgrass”.

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