Fake grass in a school
Fake grass in a school

Artificial Grass

Made for schools

St. John’s C of E Primary School, Dorking

A once boggy and unusable grass land has now been turned into a fun and multi-functional play area.

Key Stats Approved Installer: Aye Gardening

Product used: Vision & Living Colours for the design

Type: Education

Size: 120 sqm

The start of an artificial grass installation
Fake grass road with children running

St John’s C of E Primary School in Dorking approached Aye Gardening to come up with a solution for a muddy and boggy area of their Early Years outside play area. They wanted to make it more useable for the children to play and use balance bikes on all year round. The project was very close to their hearts as it is a school within their own community which they know very well. When Aye Gardening visited the site, they found there was an issue with bogginess of the area as it was on a slope with thick clay. This was the reason why the children couldn’t use it when it rained. The school wanted to create a road for the bikes, the school suggested painting lines on the tarmac which was near the classrooms, however that meant the bike riding space would be limited to only that area.

With all this taken into consideration, Susan at Aye Gardening suggested installing Namgrass artificial grass and using the Living Colours range to create the design. Adding more tarmac would’ve looked too harsh and the addition of the colours really brightens up the area for the children and make it look fun. Aye Gardening created a road for the bike with its own traffic system so the children can learn how to use their balance bikes safely. And the area is also used as their fire evacuation point so it really is multi-functional! The installation method of artificial grass coupled with the permeability of the tuft cloth backing means that drainage issues naturally reduce* and therefore it can be used all year round as a soft yet hard-wearing play surface.

Road made with fake coloured turf

*depending on ground conditions. If you are thinking of having it installed and do not have normal ground conditions, your Installer will be able to advise you further.

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