Great Grass Giveaway Garden

Great Grass Giveaway Garden

Posted: February 26, 2017

Great Grass Giveaway winner

In celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday last year we ran a competition to transform your lawn and giveaway 90sqm of Namgrass. To enter you had to tell us your best gardening tip and the public did not disappoint! Our lucky winners Joan and Bob Carr from Southend-On-Sea told us:

“Every day when I go out into the garden to put washing out etc. I always go out to the garden and get the weeds out, check for dead flies, and check the fruit trees so more can grow quickly”.

Not only were they super excited about having their lawn transformed, it was perfect timing! Having recently moved from Stevenage to Southend-On-Sea they didn’t have time to focus on the garden as much as they’d like to. The new family home boasts three generations of the family from grandparents Joan and Bob to two young grandchildren, they really wanted a garden that was fuss-free and that the kids can enjoy all year round and not get muddy. Namgrass artificial grass was the perfect solution! The product we used was Meadow for its deeper colour and trying to keep it as close to the colour of their natural lawn. Watch their story and find out more about the lovely winners.

We had thousands of entries to the competition, each with a useful tip so we’ve compiled a few gardening tips for you to try. Rachael Buckley A lovely garden can be ruined by pests that munch on your plants! Deter them by sprinkling left over coffee grounds on your beds! Keeps the pests away and enriches the soil! Katy Hanson My top gardening tip: If you like wildlife to visit your garden. Bees and finches are particularly attracted to lavender! If you also ensure you have some daisies, as these are important as they have nectar in their centre. Claire Dainty My gardening tip is don’t stress about it, your garden is there to enjoy!! Do what you can and gets the kids involved! My son loves to pick fruit and veg.

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Debbie Tunstall My top tip to keep your garden in bloom. Make sure you dead head morning and evening this helps the plant to produce more flowers. Carley Smith My mum’s top tip was ifyou’re not sure whether it’s a weed or a flower ask yourself do you like it? As long as you love your garden that’s all that matters. Karen Scammell I use pop bottles with the bottoms cut off to use as mini cloches for my sunflower seedlings and to keep the slugs off while they grow. Joanna Blyther My best tip is to invite everyone over for a ‘garden party ‘ and when they arrive get everyone to do some gardening for you.

Coleen Collins Let all flowers seed & then swap seedlings with friends & neighbours. Great variety of plants for free! Ruth Mears Put Vaseline around all your plant pots fancy containers, it stops the snails or other bugs from getting to your plants. Frances Newton My gardening tip is I keep my plants in pots which stops my 3 dogs digging them up and I can move them around which makes my garden more interesting. We hope you find these tips useful, we sure did! Keep your eyes peeled for more gardening tips coming soon.

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