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Keeping the kids entertained this Summer

Summer holidays are in full swing and another break where as a parent you need to entertain your little treasures/ankle biters yet again.

The Summer holidays are long however it doesn’t have to be costly. If you have a garden then you have a ready made playground for your kids – and for you! We’ve got some of the best garden games from parents to parents.

The Classics

Games played and passed on from one generation to the next. These games are timeless.

1. Swingball – need I say more. Hours of fun – even if you’re playing on your own!

2. Making dens – there is something quite magical about building dens in the garden. It’s an adventure in itself trying to find materials to make the den out of – old sheets or curtains, battered logs from fallen trees in the Autumn or simply some cardboard boxes. Once it’s made comes the fun part – decorating. Do you have old furniture lying around which can be used in the den? Or even a rummage at your local charity shop could bring you a bargain find. If you’ve had artificial grass installed and have some offcuts left over, you could use it as the den flooring. Water resistant and hardwearing, its perfect for the wear and tear from the children.

3. Piggy in the middle – a simple but fun game for all the family. Even the dog can get involved!

4. Crafts – get the children to release their creative side with paints, sewing, even bracelet making. You can even use their finished products to spruce up the den.

For those who like to explore the garden

There are many things to find in the garden – natural or otherwise. The look of satisfaction on your little ones faces will be totally worth the muddy fingers.

1. Play the archelogist – plant some toys or treasures around the garden for your children to find. They will have hours of fun digging to see what hidden treasures they can find. If your children are younger you can use a sand pit table and hide toys in the sand for them to dig out. You may even have a mini Indiana Jones in your midst!

2. Something for the brave – try and find as many insects as you can. Children love this game and are not shy about getting dirty and stuck in. This game is also a great numbers game as the children can count each one they’ve managed to find.

Get moving

If the Rio Olympics has inspired you why not hold your own Olympics in the garden? ‘Events’ held could be the 10 metre sprint, broomstick horse races, football, swimming and volleyball. A great game to hold with a large crowd and fun for both children and parents.


Help the children understand the garden from a young age and get them to help you with planting flowers, herbs or seeds. By planting themselves they’ll have more of an interest in its progress. You could even hold sunflower races to see which sunflower grows to be the tallest.

Take the heat off

The most fun games when its hot are those where water is involved – water balloon fights, sprinklers, paddling pool and water slides – attach a hose over a slide with a water mat at the bottom and see who can go the furthest. Even the parents can get involved in this fun!

As you can see the garden really is a great playground for you and the family. However if you have a lawn which is more Sahara Desert than play-pit then it might be time to consider artificial grass so your lawn is play-time ready all year round.