Artificial Grass for Putting Greens

Using premium materials and the latest production technologies, Namgrass’ ProPutt artificial turf is designed from the ground up to create the perfect putting surface. Whether you’re after a reliable year-round putting green without the maintenance, or want to create an indoor practice green, our premium artificial grass is reliable and fuss free, so you can focus on your swing.

retrieving a golf ball from the hole on an artificial grass putting green

For the perfect putting green you need to make sure your turf is in perfect condition.

  • Grass length needs to be maintained perfectly for consistent performance
  • You need to ensure proper drainage and regularly aerate your green for peak performance
  • Monitoring grass density, including seeding and recovery time after heavy use
  • Your putting green should be fertilised and weeded properly

With so much maintenance and care required to get a consistent putting surface, it’s no wonder few people can maintain a green as it should be.

close up of hole on an artificial putting green

With no need to mow, fertilise, aerate, or weed your putting green, artificial grass allows you to practice your game all year round. With no growth period, a consistent and even pile, and consistent performance you’re left to focus on improving your game. With simple maintenance – a quick brush or vacuum to remove debris and rejuvenate the pile – artificial putting greens are easier to keep and more affordable over the long-term.

namgrass artificial grass delivery van at golf course

When it comes to artificial putting greens, you can’t do better than Namgrass’ premium quality ProPutt artificial grass. Our artificial turf was developed with painstaking attention to detail, based on extensive research into recreating the best putting surfaces in the world. The result is a beautiful, consistent putting surface that is:

  • Tailored to allow a smooth ball roll with consistent stimp.
  • It provides a level surface, perfect for putting greens or driving ranges.
  • The appearance of the turf is beautiful and natural, without compromising on performance.
  • An artificial golf green can be used 24/7, all year round and in all weather conditions.
  • With a 10 Year Guarantee as standard, Namgrass offers a cost effective solution with high durability and low maintenance

  For more information on our artificial golf greens, give our team a call today.

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