How to Clean Artificial Grass

How to Clean Artificial Grass

Posted: October 18, 2021

How to Clean Artificial Grass

As specialist producers of artificial grass in the UK, we can tell you first hand that artificial grass maintenance is nowhere near as complicated and time-consuming as with a natural lawn. However, there are some things that you need to do to make sure that your lawn looks its best for as long as possible. Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know and the best way to clean artificial grass.

Artificial grass tools for cleaning – what you need

When cleaning artificial grass, there are a few tools and supplies you’ll need before you start:

  • A leaf blower, a non-metal flexible lawn rake or a stiff broom
  • A hose
  • Mild detergent and warm water

Below we’ve outlined the things to consider when cleaning artificial grass, such as best practices and how to take care of your lawn if you have pets, as well as things to try and avoid to ensure your artificial grass stays in top shape.

1. How to Clean Artificial Grass and Keep it Beautiful

When carrying out artificial grass maintenance, there are a few easy methods to consider that will keep your garden looking beautiful. Whether it’s a quick brush to get rid of dry debris or a quick splash with the hose, just spot clean the bits that need it, as they need it. A regular check on your synthetic grass makes sure that any build-up of leaves, twigs and dust or dirt doesn’t start to decompose or encourage moss growth – neither of which are good for your lawn! A brush with a stiff broom (or even a garden vacuum!) keeps the pile looking perky, as well as clearing any debris. If there’s anything stubborn or you feel like your lawn needs to be washed down, a blast with the hose works well.


2. Artificial Grass for Pets

Typically pet-friendly, artificial grass products like ours are perfect for animal lovers– but if you have pets, and they like to use your artificial grass as a toilet, then you’ll have to do some extra cleaning. Namgrass is great for pets because it doesn’t discolour, but you don’t want pet waste to build up. Hose down the area after use, and if there is a lingering smell, use washing up liquid and warm water or a product specifically for cleaning artificial grass.

3. Other Occurrences

As you enjoy your garden, you’re bound to spill things. Whether it’s sticky foods as you enjoy the warm weather or an accident while your kids play, cleaning artificial grass is often a simple task. A damp sponge and a bit of water is usually enough to get rid of any spills. If it’s dried on or just a bit stubborn, cleaning artificial grass with vinegar will also work. A half-and-half mix of vinegar and water will usually do the job.

4. What not to do when cleaning artificial grass

‘Can you clean artificial grass with washing up liquid?’ ‘Do I need to dry my synthetic grass lawn?’ There are plenty of questions you may have surrounding artificial grass maintenance, so we’ve provided a helpful list of a few key things you should avoid when cleaning artificial grass, and why.

  • Regarding artificial grass tools, don’t use sharp objects that might cut or tear the artificial grass. If you’re trying to lever something off your grass that’s stuck or dried on, then use a putty knife or something blunt.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals on your grass to remove sticky stuff – this could damage the plastic. Instead, use washing up liquid, half-and-half of vinegar and water or specialist synthetic grass cleaner. This goes for pesticides too! Just use a hose to wash away any critters.
  • If you are tempted to use something a bit stronger on a stubborn patch, then try a patch test on the corner of the grass or somewhere that’s not visible to see if the chemicals react with the grass.
  • Don’t apply heat to your lawn. It will dry naturally after a hose down.
  • Don’t use a domestic vacuum on your artificial grass. This may not work well for the grass or the vacuum, and in fact may damage them both. Use a garden vacuum instead.

Hopefully this guide has helped to answer most of your questions around cleaning artificial grass. All this will keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round, with much less maintenance than a natural lawn.

If the idea of this has inspired you to consider artificial grass for your garden, why not have a browse of our range and request your free samples?

And if you’re in need of some advice, we can help you with transforming your garden into one you can enjoy 365 days a year, with a fake grass lawn. Please get in touch, we’d love to help!

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