How to Choose Artificial Grass

How to Choose Artificial Grass

Posted: November 3, 2021

How to Choose Artificial Grass

What’s the right shade of green for my garden? How do you clean artificial grass? Is 40mm artificial grass too long? These are just a few of the questions that you might have when buying artificial grass, and as a specialist supplier of artificial grass in the UK, we know the importance of choosing the right product for your needs.

Whether it’s your first time, or you’re something of a synthetic grass expert, there are some key factors to consider depending on the needs of your home and your family – read on as we take you through the key things to consider, so you know what to look for when buying artificial grass for your garden.

Artificial grass for pets

It’s no secret that owning a pet can dictate many of your choices when planning and maintaining your ideal lawn. You understandably might be hesitant to spend valuable time and effort on a natural lawn just for the dog to make a mess of the whole thing! Thankfully, Namgrass has your back when it comes to artificial grass maintenance, as all of our products are durable, pet-friendly and won’t discolour like natural grass. Plus, unlike maintaining a lawn it can be a real time-saver too, as cleaning artificial grass is a breeze.

Artificial grass for families

As artificial grass suppliers, we know that parents love to watch the pure excitement kids get from playing out in the garden during summertime, but how can you keep on top of maintaining your lawn without ruining all the fun? Namgrass artificial grass products are great for family fun, and won’t suffer in the summer months like natural grass (say goodbye to that sun-scorched and trampled garden!). A soft, yet durable artificial grass such as our very own ‘Serenity’ product is one of many great options for your family garden.

A child and a dog on fake grass

Artificial grass cost

With all home and garden improvements, when thinking about how to choose artificial grass, cost will likely play an important role in your decision, be that the cost of the product itself, or the artificial grass installation cost. At Namgrass, we want to make buying artificial grass as simple and accessible as possible, so we provide quality artificial grass at a range of price points. Our ‘Whitby’ product for instance, is a fantastic budget-friendly, high quality artificial grass.

Can you put artificial grass on decking?

Some garden projects can get very experimental, and you may want to lay turf on areas that you might not usually grow grass, such as balconies and decking. This is where synthetic grass really shines– whether you’re fitting artificial grass on roofs, balconies, or even paving, we have the products and accessories for the job.

Pile Height

If you’re researching how to choose artificial grass for your garden, you may have stumbled across the term ‘pile height’. Pile height is simply the height of the synthetic grass fibres, from the bottom, right to the tip. With such a range of products on the market, you may be thinking to yourself, “what’s the best pile height?” or “is 40mm artificial grass too long?” Put simply, pile height is largely determined by your preference, and the garden aesthetics that you’re striving for, with shorter pile heights (up to 30mm) giving more of a ‘freshly cut’ look, while longer grasses (30 – 40mm+) often look more natural. It’s also worth noting that although not a direct correlation, sometimes greater pile height can mean increased artificial grass cost.

A pool with and pool house next to fake grass

Pile Density & Weight

Pile density measures how densely packed the grass is, and often correlates with the weight of a product. It’s an important factor to discuss with your artificial grass suppliers when buying artificial grass. High density is a great indicator of a high quality artificial grass product, and results in a green, luscious, and ‘healthy’ looking garden. At Namgrass we have a commitment to producing quality artificial grass, and the Namgrass Elise product is a great example of a high coverage density artificial grass that’s perfect for all manner of uses, from commercial areas to family gardens.

What’s next?

Hopefully this has helped you learn a little more about how to choose artificial grass for your project. There’s a great deal of synthetic grass products out there to help turn your dream garden into a reality, and knowing what to look for when buying artificial grass will certainly help you on your way.

As specialist artificial grass suppliers we’ll be on hand to help when you’re ready to plan your project, so why not have a browse of our range and request some samples?

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