The Benefits Of Artificial Grass

Artificial Grass is an effective and smart solution for your lawn and has several benefits that make it extremely convenient to the owner, aside from the obvious aesthetics. With artificial grass comes impressive warranties, quality manufacturing, and surprisingly, environmental benefits. These have totally changed the perception of artificial grass; installing faith in fake grass being a valuable, cost-effective alternative to real grass.
Below we list some of the pros and cons of artificial grass and compare it with real grass; although we love the stuff, there are a few areas we would advise customers to research before purchasing.

                                         THE PROS

grass Sprinkler

Cheaper to Maintain

Artificial turf works out to be cheaper to maintain over time, as natural grass becomes expensive when adding the cost of the necessities needed to maintain it such as: fertilisers, strimmer’s, weed killer, lawnmowers, grass feed, water… the list goes on!
Water UK says that the average water bill will cost you around £400 a year depending on your location. One of the ways to cut that cost would be to cut down hose pipe and sprinkler usage, as a cubic metre of water costs around £2! We dread to think of how this converts when considering the continuous flow of a sprinkler.
One of the main advantages of artificial grass is that it does not require watering to keep it fresh and green! This makes artificial grass far more cost-effective than real grass over its lifespan.

maintaining artificial grass

Low Maintenance

Seeding, weeding, mowing and fertilising are all a thing of the past with an artificial lawn. Artificial grass is renowned for its low maintenance and pristine look all year round.
An artificial lawn does not require the use of a lawnmower which is bad for the environment and potentially dangerous. The easy maintenance of artificial grass will benefit elderly & disabled owners who may find maintaining a real lawn an issue. Artificial Grass is therefore the perfect solution. It’s low maintenance benefit is also great for holiday homeowners!
Our How to Maintain your Artificial Grass guide explains just how easy it is to care for your artificial turf in just a few easy steps. Less time spent maintaining your lawn means more time to spend enjoying your garden!

dog on fake grass

Perfect for fury friends

Artificial grass is pet-friendly. An artificial lawn is ideal for pets as it will not be damaged and burnt like natural grass, so you can say goodbye to a brown patchy lawn for good! Artificial grass can easily be cleaned using a hose and some mild detergent.
Fake grass is hard-wearing so unlikely to be spoiled by mud patches. Plus, dogs love to play on it as much as natural grass.

children playing on fake grass

Safe for kids

Artificial grass is very child friendly. An artificial lawn provides a cushioned landing for those little trips and falls, requires no chemicals such as weed killer and pesticides and an added benefit for the parents is that fake grass is mess-free! Astroturf installed in schools has become increasingly popular to create a safe and clean environment to play and learn in an outdoor classroom. Plus, artificial grass is allergy-free, which makes it perfect for hay-fever sufferers!

artificial grass roof top

Multiple Uses

Artificial grass is diverse and can be used for many different applications to just replacing a standard lawn. Artificial grass can be laid on worn decking or tired-looking patio to give it a new lease of life. Fake grass on balconies is perfect when you have limited outdoor space. Installing artificial grass in shaded gardens is the ideal solution for a patchy natural lawn. Helps with drainage as unlike natural grass, artificial grass is not susceptible to flooding or drought. Our turf drains quickly, so it won’t get waterlogged or flooded.


The disadvantages of artificial grass are few and far between. However, it’s good to be as informed as possible before jumping into your transformation.

artificial grass factory

Pollution & Waste

In some cases, the production of astroturf may have a negative impact on the environment, causing pollution or waste, but this is dependant on the production method used by the company. At Namgrass, we manufacture all our products in-house to ensure top quality and environmental compliance. Our artificial grass production facility uses modern technology and energy-efficient machinery and we are also looking for ways to improve and reduce our impact on the environment.

Have you heard about our eco-friendly artificial grass Pureti?

installing artificial grass

Initial costing

Depending on which range you go for, the cost of artificial turf can start to creep up but this is a sounds investment as good quality artificial grass fitted to a high standard will last 15 years and can add value to your property.

artificial grass and shrubs

It’s “Cheating”

Some green-fingered gardeners see fake grass as cheating and take pride in maintaining their gardens. We like to encourage as much of a natural garden as possible alongside your artificial lawn by incorporating plants, shrubs, and wildflowers. This way the keen gardener can still enjoy pottering about in the garden, but the most time and energy-consuming job of maintaining the lawn is already taken care of with their artificial grass installation.

In Summary, an artificial lawn will offer customers a range of benefits with the disadvantages of artificial grass being few and far between.

Though disadvantages are present, these are a fraction of the benefits offered by artificial grass.
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