The Different Uses for Artificial Grass

The Different Uses for Artificial Grass

Posted: November 5, 2021

The Different Uses for Artificial Grass

As specialist suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, we know very well that a primary benefit of synthetic grass is its versatility, and it’s for this reason that we see it used in such a wide variety of gardens and projects.

Whether you’re planning your latest project of many, or you’re totally new to the world of artificial grass, be sure to stick around to learn about some of the exciting artificial grass fitting options you might not have realised were possible – it might just inspire your next project!

Artificial grass on decking

As artificial grass suppliers, we often hear the question “can you put artificial grass on decking?” The answer is, you absolutely can! In fact, synthetic grass is actually very easy to install on decking, and will completely change the look of the area. Installing artificial grass on decking is very similar to laying carpet on a wooden floor – just make sure the decking is in good, strong condition if you’re considering this for your garden.

Artificial grass on a roof

Usually when you think of grass or an artificial grass garden, you picture an open space with turf laid on the floor – but what if we told you it didn’t have to be this way? There are many synthetic grass products that lend themselves well to an artificial grass roof project. Whether it’s a summerhouse roof or for a garden shed, an artificial grass roof will do wonders for your garden. If you’re considering installing an artificial grass roof, you can learn more with our helpful guide.

Golf ball on putting green

Artificial grass golf green

When we say that synthetic grass has many uses, we aren’t just talking about how it looks – there are many functional benefits too! Artificial grass golf greens are a perfect example of this. Whether you’re seeking artificial turf for an indoor practice area, or a full 18-hole mini golf course, an artificial grass golf green will surely provide the flexibility to fit the requirements of your project. In fact, the Namgrass ‘Play-Putt’ is designed specifically for this purpose, and is available in a variety of colours to suit your needs.

Artificial grass for dogs and other pets

If you’re looking into buying artificial grass, you may have questions on your mind such as “is artificial grass good for dogs?” or “is artificial grass pet friendly?” If so, you’ll be pleased to know that another functional benefit of synthetic grass is that it is indeed very pet-friendly. Artificial grass products are often rugged and will withstand wear, while they also won’t discolour when your pet goes to the toilet – artificial grass cleaning is straightforward as well!

It doesn’t stop there!

We’ve covered some of the key uses and benefits of artificial grass in this blog, but the possibilities really are almost endless! Trust us – as artificial grass suppliers, we see first-hand every day just how amazing and versatile synthetic grass can be. How does an artificial grass patio sound? Or perhaps you’re looking for artificial grass for the balcony – it’s all possible with Namgrass.

As specialist suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to help with your artificial grass project, whatever it might involve. If you want to learn more about our fantastic range of quality artificial grass products, why not request some free samples?

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