Dog & Pet-Friendly Artificial Grass

Our range of artificial grass is specifically designed to be pet-friendly and easy to care for. Not only is Namgrass’ artificial grass gentle on your pets’ paws, but it can be enjoyed year-round without the risk of muddy paw-prints! Hard wearing and easy to clean, our artificial grass creates a green space for pets and families to enjoy together, for years to come.

cockerspaniel laying on fake grass

If you are looking for a lawn that pets can enjoy all year round without bringing in the mud from the garden, then Namgrass is for you. Our artificial grass is low maintenance and easy to clean leaving muddy paw prints and patchy lawns a thing of the past.

Dog laying on artificial grass

Specially designed to be pet-friendly, Namgrass artificial lawns are able to handle any little accidents. Urine drains away in seconds, while droppings can be cleared away as usual. Clean your artificial lawn with a stiff broom every 3-4 weeks, and freshen up with our Namgrass Artificial Grass Cleaner to neutralise odours. Should you require more information on our artificial grass for pets please feel free to contact us.

James, Dorset

“Speaking as a dog owner fitting Namgrass was a real game changer. I can really vouch for this product. The muddy paws were always a nightmare, especially over the winter months. Now I can let the dog out without it making a mess inside”

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