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Namgrass Table Runners 5 creative ideas for a rustic wedding Posted 21st October 2015 Creating a rustic style is all about bringing nature indoors. Whether your wedding is in a field or urban function room, this look can be achieved with a little bit of creativity. Artificial grass is incredibly versatile and hard wearing – perfect for the DIY bride. Namgrass Install Network Namgrass Installer Network Posted 5th October 2015 Namgrass take strides in the industry yet again! Experienced installers joining our extended team! Indoor Garden How to create an indoor oasis Posted 30th September 2015 We all know that British weather isn’t the best in the world. So if you’ve got a spare room, why not turn it into an indoor garden? Topiary Banner Image Artificial Grass Topiary Posted 28th August 2015 Topiary is beautiful – a living sculpture that everyone can appreciate. However, living topiary is indisputably a labour of love. Now artificial topiary gives you all of the benefits without all the hard work! Grass Wallpaper Listing Grass is the new wallpaper Posted 28th August 2015 Are you looking to make a bold statement with your interior design? Here at Namgrass we can offer you a way to create your very own alpha feature wall: an artificial feature wall. image Manchester United make another great signing! Posted 19th August 2015 Namgrass Living Colour selected for world famous Manchester United!! Cambs Park Cambs Park team up with Namgrass! Posted 31st July 2015 Cambs Park continue to offer quality products to their customers and residents! NamgrassDog Artificial grass for dogs: Your questions answered Posted 17th July 2015 Namgrass artificial grass is perfectly safe for dogs. So you can enjoy all the benefits – no mud, mowing or watering – and your four-legged friend will love playing on it. 494288657_RET_v3 Artificial Grass Buying Guide Posted 23rd June 2015

As with most home and garden products, there is a wide choice of products suppliers to consider when buying artificial grass. It’s all about finding that balance between value for…

School Image - three Uses for Coloured Artificial Grass Posted 17th June 2015 There’s a whole world of looks that can be achieved with our Living Colours range. Ready to get creative with colour? Check out some of our ideas. esprit Roof Garden Design Posted 28th May 2015 Does city life have you missing your garden? We have the solution. As slick apartment blocks and townhouses pop up around the country, roof gardens are growing in popularity. sports What’s so great about Multi Use Games Areas? Posted 11th May 2015 Ever heard of MUGA? It stands for Multi-Use Games Area, and is an awesome technology that means schools can have reliable artificial grass playing surfaces that can be used for loads of different sporting activities. Green Elise_1 Elise – New for 2015! Posted 30th April 2015 This gives you the best of both worlds. A neat look for your garden or landscape that’s also very dense – made to look like the best keep lawns in the world. Artificial grass doesn't get much better than this. Listing image Fact File: The history of artificial turf in football Posted 15th April 2015 It's high time we paid homage to the unsung hero of the beautiful game - check out our infographic on the history of artificial turf in football. sb10064798c-001_super_RET_v3 The secret to a low maintenance garden Posted 10th April 2015 Do you dream of having a stunning garden but don't have the time to maintain it? You can have the best of both worlds by following our tips. Esprit_1 Esprit – New for 2015! Posted 5th February 2015 This is a big softie, even though it’s produced with heavyweight 34mm fibres. These fibres have a smart curvy profile, giving them a lovely supple feel that’s designed to last for years to come. Q9-machine2_267x168_rs Cutting-edge cutting. Posted 27th January 2015 We are now the proud owners of a Q9 cutting machine – the first UK artificial grass company to own such a beast. Logo_267x180 Fresh new look for us Posted 12th January 2015 Our brand has had a bit of a facelift. Namvan3_267x168_rs Darren delivers quality Posted 5th January 2015

We could have entrusted our deliveries to a third party. But we didn’t like the idea of someone else handling our stuff before it reached you. Call us sensitive but…

Thumbnail_267x168_rs Welcome Emily! Posted 2nd January 2015 Welcoming our new Southern sales representative! Blue Vision_1 Vision – New and Improved Posted 30th December 2014 Like your grass to be a lighter shade of green? This option’s for you. The 30mm fibres are soft and hard-wearing, but offer a lighter colour option that’s also easy on your budget. Thumbnail_267x168_rs Welcome Morgan! Posted 11th November 2014 Welcoming our new Northern sales representative!