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The Tools You Need to Install Your Artificial Lawn

neat and tidy fake lawn

The Tools You Need to Install Your Artificial Lawn

A complete list of the tools you need to install your artificial lawn yourself.

Whether you’re doing your research because you’re serious about installing your own lawn, or you’re just looking into it to see what it would involve, it’s important to know upfront, before you start, which tools you need. From the tools you probably have already, to the tools that you need to hire, we’ve got the essentials to install a beautiful lawn that you can be proud of – and one that you can be proud of installing yourself. Make sure you’re fully prepped by heading to our installation page and watching our video!

Turf Cutter

A turf cutter will cut your lawn into strips that you can roll and get rid of, turning potentially back-breaking work into a much quicker and easier job. It will also leave the area level – which is difficult to do manually. This is something you can hire from your local DIY tool hire shop, though they may also call the same tool a sod cutter.


Another tool that will save you from doing backbreaking work – a wheelbarrow will mean that moving old turf out and new artificial turf in will be a breeze. Without a wheelbarrow you’ll spend more time carrying rolls of turf in and out of your garden, than laying your new lawn!

Flat Shovel

A flat shovel will come in handy for distributing your base material across the lawn space before laying your artificial grass. It is a tool that most gardeners have in their arsenal already, but if you haven’t got one to hand ask a neighbour to lend you one for the afternoon.


Once your base material is down, you need to use a wide headed rake to spread it out evenly across the turf to create a level base for your lawn. If you don’t have a rake already, it’s worth getting one for the future. A plastic rake comes in very handy for clearing your lawn of leaves and looking after your lawn in the years to come (a metal one can ruin the artificial grass so it’s not recommended).


You need to give your base material a good soaking with a hose to keep the dust down whilst compacting; doing this with a watering can would take far too long for most lawns. Without a well-soaked base, you may struggle to get a stable, professional quality finish. You also need to hose your grass down after installation to clean dust from your new lawn and to help your top sand settle, if you’ve used it.


Another specialist tool you’ll likely need to hire from the tool shop; a compactor is a large  piece of equipment that repeatedly strikes the floor beneath it with a large metal plate. This allows you to compress your surface material and create the perfect base for your new turf. It makes sure that your artificial lawn is stable, even, and looks its best for longer. These tools are also known as a plate compactors or a vibrating plate, depending who you speak to, so it’s best to speak with your local hire company to make sure you get the right tool for the job.

Razor Knife

Unless you want a completely square lawn, chances are you will have to cut some of your grass to size and shape. Ensure you have a sharp knife with a robust handle, and some spare blades, as latex backing can quickly blunt a knife.

Joining Tape

In most lawns, you’ll have to join two or more pieces of artificial grass together. To do this properly, you need joining tape and professional quality lawn adhesive. Artificial grass joining tape is used to secure two pieces of grass together, and if used correctly, you won’t be able to see the join. Our premium quality joining tape is made to last the lifetime of your lawn, you won’t have to replace it.

Joining Adhesive

You’ll need artificial lawn adhesive  to apply alongside your joining tape to stick the artificial lawn together, and cement it in place. A cartridge gun can be used to evenly spread your adhesive along the joining tape for a neat and robust seal. Adhesive can also be used to secure the grass around the edges to concrete or steel edging, making it vital for indoor and decking installations.


A tough bristled broom will make sure that your sand infill is brushed to the bottom of the pile before you soak the lawn with your hose. You’ll also need your broom for cleaning your lawn on an ongoing basis, getting any mud or debris off the grass. And if you find a mark or crease in your lawn at any point, a solid brushing can help iron out any unwanted lines or creases too.

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The ABCs for Building a Playground

Namgrass Living Colours fake grass in school play ground

The ABCs for Building a Playground

Playgrounds are an essential part of childhood, where kids learn social skills, get exercise and explore. However, for parents and teachers alike, it can be difficult to let children run riot without worrying about slips, trips and falls.

Accidents happen, and while it’s impossible to completely incident-proof your playground, there are a number of rules and regulations to keep in mind.

Sourcing the correct equipment and surfacing is essential. When it comes to surfacing, we’re the experts. Our high quality artificial grass has been installed across the UK to many happy customers. Explore our range of artificial grass for schools, or take a look at one of our previous projects.

For an overview of playground safety, we have created this easy-to-follow infographic to get you off to a great start.

Namgrass Playground Infographic

Images coutesy of Nigel Abbey Design

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3 Things to Think about for a Rustic Wedding

3 Things to Think about for a Rustic Wedding

A cookie cutter wedding is not for everyone.

If you’d prefer relaxed over formal, then a rustic wedding may be the theme for you – and you don’t have to sacrifice elegance or glamour either.

The Venue

A barn is the only way to go when it comes to a rustic wedding. Whether for the ceremony or the reception, a barn is the perfect romantic setting to tie the knot. Each barn venue is sure to be unique and full of charm, but you can always make it your own through decoration. Flowers and foliage bring nature to your big day, creating a country feel, and reflecting the season. Whether you hang them from the beams or you use them as cute centrepieces for your tables, you can’t go wrong with a fern or dried flowers. Festoon lights add a warm glow and drapes from the ceiling add drama and warmth to a potentially cold barn conversion. Pair with linen and lace tablecloths and industrial metal chairs for a gorgeous reception room.

The Outfits

The whole feel of the wedding should be relaxed and informal – which means your outfits too. The effect could be jarring if you turned up in a big meringue dress for a barn reception. Instead, opt for a simple, unstructured, flowing dress that goes with your theme. While traditional wedding attire for a groom is a morning suit, a rustic wedding doesn’t require anything so formal. Be sure to inject your personality into what you’re wearing – whether that’s through the colour of your suit or the cufflinks you pick. Tweed is always popular for a rustic wedding, or for an even more relaxed wedding, you could wear your smart jeans or chinos!

The Food & Drink

The world really is your oyster when it comes to food and drink. It also obviously comes down to your personal preference and tastes, but generally speaking, food that you eat with your fingers gives the day a very rustic vibe.

Everyone loves pizza, and handmade, wood-fired pizzas are definitely the way to go, especially if they’re cooked live in front of you. You could opt for a hog roast, served at the table along with crusty bread, roasted potatoes, coleslaw and salad. Take a look at what’s in season and create a menu around that for a true rustic vibe.

Drinks are equally important. Whether cocktails or beer is your pick, the containers need to have a rustic feel. Jam jars for cocktails are a classic choice, but the quirkier the better!

For a fairy-tale or woodland touch, you could even use a square of artificial grass to serve your food on or decorate your bar area with artificial grass and woodland flowers.

So here are just a few ideas to make your rustic style wedding your own. We hope you have a fabulous day whatever you choose to do!