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The History of Artificial Turf in Football

boy with football playing on hardwearing artificial grass

The History of Artificial Turf in Football

Though Football League clubs have decided against using artificial pitches, they are still in use in smaller clubs across the UK, with 3G pitches used in the FA Cup. Smaller clubs have seen huge benefits from using artificial turf, allowing over 50 hours of playtime per week, compared to the 5 hours that a natural turf pitch can support. This is what makes artificial grass such a great choice for clubs and communities looking for sustainable and economical pitches. Artificial grass really shines during wet weather play, with its epic drainage handling any downpour and resisting temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius, making frozen pitches a thing of the past.

It’s high time we paid homage to the unsung hero of the beautiful game – check out our wonderful infographic on the history of artificial turf in football below.

fake grass on football pitch
artificial training pitch for arsenal