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Remove lines or marks in your artificial grass

Installing Artificial Grass

Remove lines or marks in your artificial grass

The manufacturing process of artificial grass is a complicated and lengthy process – couple this with the fact that it is then shipped around  (in our case from Belgium to our UK distribution centre) where it is once again passed through a process ready for its final distribution journey. The majority of our grass will pass through all these processes, arrive at its final destination, get rolled out and be in perfect condition. However, with some products there can be the occasional mark, line or crease in the grass. For creases, please refer to our ‘How-to remove from Namgrass’ guide.

In this article we provide some examples and explanations of what can occur and why they may occur. The aim of these explanations is to assure you that there is no need to panic if you unroll your grass and there are some lines or markings. With just a little time and/or manipulation they will disappear. The image below shows a piece of our Green Vision, which has just been rolled out – you can clearly see that there are some dark and light patches running across the roll, equally spaced. The cause of this is purely from the way in which the grass is rolled in the factory e.g. its wound onto the core/tube tightly, then put into stock or shipped out for delivery – a small amount of additional pressure to one or more sides of the grass can then cause the appearance of dark and light lines when the grass is first rolled out.

These lines will disappear once the grass has had a chance to fully relax, ideally in some warm sunshine. Some manipulation with a brush will also help. With regards to how long this may take, it can be anything from a matter of minutes to a few days depending on weather, product type and installation method e.g. has a mechanical brush been used as this will stimulate the pile and return it to how it should be at a faster rate.

rolling out artificial grass
Namgrass factory testing products

Other lines or markings which can appear on grass is a very distinctive straight line through the grass. The cause of this is very simple, it can either be: 1. At the last stage of manufacturing in Belgium a mechanical wheel/track is passed over the top of the grass to ensure alignment of the rolls.

2. As the grass is processed in our distribution centre in the UK, the grass passes over a table with a measuring wheel running across it. In both these cases, the wheel can sometimes ruffle the fibres of the grass just before it is rolled up, therefore the ruffled fibres appear as a line when the grass is first rolled back out. Once again – please do not panic, allowing the grass to relax in warmth and/or giving the grass some manipulation will see these lines fade away pretty quickly. The timing of this can vary depending on product type and temperature.

namgrass factory wheel
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The Great Grass Giveaway

poster for artifical grass give away

The Great Grass Giveaway

Have you been longing for a freshly cut lawn that requires minimal maintenance and looks perfect all year round? In celebration of the Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations we are giving away up to 90m2 of Namgrass artificial grass plus installation. Your perfect lawn is only a few clicks away.

Head over to our Facebook page to enter. Terms and Conditions apply.


We recognise this isn’t the most exciting bit to read! But this is the most important therefore please read these carefully.

1) You can only enter the competition once.

2) No purchase is necessary to enter the competition.

3) The promoter of the competition is Namgrass UK, Redcliffe, Bashley Road, New Milton, Hampshire, BH25 5RY.

4) The prize is only available to United Kingdom residents over the age of 18, with a permanent UK address. It is not open to the Namgrass UK agencies, its group companies or anyone else connected with the competition including employees.

5) To enter the competition you must write in the comment box on the competition post on the Facebook page as asked in the post. Posts that do not comply with that may be removed and will not be valid for entry.

6) One entry will be selected at random from the entries. The decision of the judge is final and the we will not enter into correspondence relating to the decision.

7) The start date and time of the competition is 7th June. The closing date and time of is 31st August at 23:59pm. Entries received after the closing date will not be processed. The draw will take place on 8th September.

8) The Winner will be notified via Namgrass Facebook page and given details of how to claim their prize. If the winner does not respond within 24 hours then the winner’s prize will be forfeited and we will be entitled to select another winner (and that winner will have to respond to the message sent to them by 24 hours also).

9) We may ask the winner to provide proof of age, country of residence and/or proof of property ownership.

10) Entries on behalf of another person will not be accepted.

11) Namgrass UK shall not be liable for any failure to comply with its obligations where the failure is caused by something outside its reasonable control. Such circumstances shall include, but not be limited to, weather conditions, fire, flood, hurricane, strike, industrial dispute, war, hostilities, political unrest, riots, civil commotion, inevitable accidents, unforeseen legislation or any other events beyond its control.

12) No responsibility is taken for entries that are lost, delayed, misdirected or incomplete or cannot be delivered or entered for any technical or other reason. Proof of delivery of the entry is not proof of receipt.

13) We reserve the right to modify the competition at any time without prior notice.

14) The name of the winner will be available upon request for 4 weeks after the winner has been notified by emailing
[email protected]. The winner agrees to have their name and town/county of residence disclosed for this purpose.

15) The winner is happy to provide a customer testimonial written and verbal which includes their name, town/city.

16) The winner is happy for the installation to be filmed from start to finish. Any footage taken – video and photography are the property of Namgrass UK which may be used for promotional purposes.


About the installation

17) The installation is subject to a site survey and the installation site must be approved by Namgrass UK and the Installer before commencing any work.

18) Namgrass UK will select the Namgrass suitable for the install based on the site survey and consultation.

19) Installation is based on the Installers availability and the installation date will be agreed between the winner and the Installer. We will only use Namgrass Approved Installers.

20) If the site is more than 90m2 the winner must pay additional for the Namgrass and materials.

21) Entry to the competition is deemed acceptance of these terms and conditions.

If you have any questions then please email us with your query.

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EcoGrid: an innovation in sub-base design

Eco Grid logo

New Product: Ecogrid

Namgrass have partnered with EcoGrid to provide our customers with an environmentally friendly innovation in sub-base design.

There are many benefits of using Ecogrid as a sub-base for your Namgrass:

  1. Made from 100% recycled plastic ecogrid and artificial grass delivers free water draining fast and efficient to install backed by a 20-year Guarantee incredible load-bearing capability to ensure a perfect finish to your lawn, planning your sub-base is essential. Whilst we would normally recommend using a fine aggregate such as 0-5mm dust there is another option that’s environmentally safe, faster and easier to install as well as delivering improved drainage.
  2. Cost savings on excavation and preparation
  3. This revolutionary new product can help speed up the process of installing your artificial grass and can even help eliminate expensive excavation costs. For use in home installs you will need to remove as little as 40mm. This means less waste to landfill quicker preparation less hard-core required can be installed no matter what the weather is doing.

How EcoGrid works with Namgrass

Once you have excavated the area, the grid can be laid directly on to a screed level. The grid is then filled with sharp angular stone range from 5mm-10mm. Once complete, Shock Pad can be placed on the grids prior to the turf to give a graded critical fall height.

example of eco grid
Eco grid piece

Shaping up

EcoGrid is easy to cut to any shape or angle with a standard angle grinder. The EcoGrid system   then uses a flexible clip and fix system giving a 20mm edge restraint, which is ideal for fitting artificial grass. For full instructions please read the Installation Manual. For more information on the EcoGrid system visit their website or contact them direct on 0151 639 4281 or [email protected].