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New Year, New Products

White bench on artificial grass

To start off 2017 with a bang we are pleased to announce we have 2 NEW Namgrass products and additional improvements to 4 existing products to meet the needs of our customers. We love these new products and hope you do too.

New Artificial Grass Products 2017


With a 45mm pile height and unique open structure, this product has been designed to completely contrast some of our most popular products by offering a rather more wild look and therefore more natural looking.

Elise sample artificial grass
Artificial Grass Sample


Fusion has a 20mm pile height, but a dense multi-toned thatch zone which makes this grass look perfectly neat and well trimmed. An all-round great looking, great value product for those on a tight budget.

Improvements to existing products

We’ve listened to our customers and have updated some products to be as fantastic as possible.

Eclipse 2017

Finer fibres featuring ‘micro nerve’ profiled fibres, and a softer feel with a higher pile height of 30mm.


This has a slightly more ‘open’ structure to it making it more natural looking.


A more uniform look to it with the addition of curled fibres to add more density.


A more uniform look to it with the addition of curled fibres to add more density as well as a reduction in shine.

You can Request FREE Samples to feel the quality for yourself and find out more about our full range of products here.