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Guide to Laying Artificial Grass on Decking

Guide to Laying Artificial Grass on Decking

Installing a decking area in your garden was once a very popular choice, and there’s nothing wrong with this – we think that a well-kept decking area can certainly shine in a garden space.

However perhaps that decking is starting to look a little out-of-date, or maybe it’s just time for something new, something fresh… Well look no further! A synthetic grass solution such as Namgrass can certainly help you spruce up the area! Read through this latest artificial grass installation guide to learn just how.

Can you put artificial grass on decking?

Firstly, and most importantly, you may be wondering if laying artificial grass on decking is even possible? Well as specialist suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, we’re happy to say that it absolutely is! In fact, it’s very straightforward, and actually surprisingly similar to laying carpet on a wooden floor. This artificial grass installation guide will take you through all of the necessary steps so you know how to lay artificial grass on decking, the right way.

Decking quality and condition

The first thing you’ll want to do is check the quality and condition of your decking. If you’re considering laying artificial grass on decking, the decking must be in good condition, and not rotting or particularly uneven– these issues will make the artificial grass installation difficult, and may lead to further problems later down the line. We’d suggest that you carry out the necessary repairs or replacement before installing artificial grass on decking. Alternatively, you could dig out the area and install your synthetic grass in an open area instead.

Artificial grass on decking

Clearing and preparing the area for artificial grass installation

Next up, it’s time to clear the area and get ready to install your synthetic grass. Remove anything from the decking area that will obstruct or cause difficulty when it comes to the artificial grass installation. Clear any extra debris and clean the decking with a pressurised hose if you have one– if not, a scrubbing brush will do the trick! After this step, it’s time to apply damp proofing treatment, however this is not always necessary. You’ll now want to leave 48 hours for your decking to dry, so if you haven’t already chosen your artificial grass, why not use this as a time to have a browse and find the perfect synthetic grass product for you.

Artificial grass underlay

Now you’re ready to begin the artificial grass installation process, and there are a few things to consider here. Your two choices in terms of artificial grass underlay are marine plywood, and foam shock pads. The benefit of the marine ply is that it will create a very even surface, but you may have to drill drainage holes, while quality shock pads have good drainage, and also create a soft, cushioned surface for your synthetic grass.

How to lay artificial grass

Once the underlay is in place, it’s finally time to lay down your artificial grass. We’d suggest leaving the synthetic grass for an hour or so to settle. Afterwards, it’s time to secure the corners, and there are a couple of different ways to do this– spot gluing, and simply using screws. Both of these are very viable options for fitting artificial grass on decking, but one advantage of nails is that if the time comes that you want to remove the synthetic grass from the decking, it is easier to do so, with a lower risk of damaging the decking.

That about covers it

So there you have it – the steps to follow so that you know how to install artificial grass on decking. The only thing to do now is decide which artificial grass product you’d like for your decking makeover! If the decking will be a popular spot for people to spend their time, then we’d recommend a shorter pile height, however at Namgrass, we pride ourselves on supplying versatile and high quality artificial grass products, almost all of which would be perfect to install on decking. Why not order some samples and see for yourself?

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Can you put Artificial Grass on Decking?

Can you put Artificial Grass on Decking?

As specialist suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, we hear a lot of questions around the topic of laying artificial grass on decking, and whether it is even possible.

The short answer to that question is yes! The long answer is that it requires a slightly different artificial grass installation technique to other projects. Don’t worry, though– it’s not complicated. You may have installed decking a few years ago when garden makeover shows were all the rage, and they couldn’t wait to get the two-by-fours out. Now, it’s a little bit dated, (and perhaps in some cases even looking a bit worse for wear), or maybe you just want to transform your garden quickly and easily, and laying artificial grass on decking is a great way to do this. Read on to find out how.

Benefits of Laying Artificial Grass on Decking:

  • Laying artificial grass on decking is easy, and can completely change the look of your garden
  • You don’t have to worry about drainage because the water will drain however it drains normally
  • Namgrass supplies quality artificial grass in the UK that’s durable and practically maintenance free!

How to Lay Artificial Grass on Decking

Laying artificial grass on decking is actually very similar to attaching carpet to a wooden floor. Taking care to follow these steps will ensure that your artificial grass installation is a breeze:

  • Clear the area of debris and furniture
  • Clean the decking with a pressurised hose or a scrubbing brush
  • Apply a damp-proofing treatment (optional)
  • Allow to dry for 48 hours
  • Apply marine plywood or a shock pad over the decking. This helps to smooth the surface if you have deep grooves in the decking
  • Lay the grass out for at least an hour so it can settle
  • Secure the corners by spot gluing or using screws

Artificial Grass on Decking: Things to Note

Make sure that your decking is in good condition before starting. If your decking is rotten or particularly uneven, then it may not be the best candidate for artificial grass installation. You may need to replace or repair your decking. Alternatively, you could dig out the entire area instead, and install the artificial grass on the cleared area. If you’re worried about drainage, you can drill through both the ply and the decking to add extra holes.

Bonus: Artificial Grass on Paving Slabs

Laying artificial grass on paving slabs is very similar to installing synthetic grass on decking. The only difference is that you can’t screw into your patio, and should use glue. As above, you could remove the patio completely and instead use timber edging to secure the turf for your new artificial lawn installation.

Have you installed Namgrass artificial grass on decking? Show us your project on Twitter or Facebook @NamgrassUK.

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The Different Uses for Artificial Grass

The Different Uses for Artificial Grass

As specialist suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, we know very well that a primary benefit of synthetic grass is its versatility, and it’s for this reason that we see it used in such a wide variety of gardens and projects.

Whether you’re planning your latest project of many, or you’re totally new to the world of artificial grass, be sure to stick around to learn about some of the exciting artificial grass fitting options you might not have realised were possible – it might just inspire your next project!

Artificial grass on decking

As artificial grass suppliers, we often hear the question “can you put artificial grass on decking?” The answer is, you absolutely can! In fact, synthetic grass is actually very easy to install on decking, and will completely change the look of the area. Installing artificial grass on decking is very similar to laying carpet on a wooden floor – just make sure the decking is in good, strong condition if you’re considering this for your garden.

Artificial grass on a roof

Usually when you think of grass or an artificial grass garden, you picture an open space with turf laid on the floor – but what if we told you it didn’t have to be this way? There are many synthetic grass products that lend themselves well to an artificial grass roof project. Whether it’s a summerhouse roof or for a garden shed, an artificial grass roof will do wonders for your garden. If you’re considering installing an artificial grass roof, you can learn more with our helpful guide.

Golf ball on putting green

Artificial grass golf green

When we say that synthetic grass has many uses, we aren’t just talking about how it looks – there are many functional benefits too! Artificial grass golf greens are a perfect example of this. Whether you’re seeking artificial turf for an indoor practice area, or a full 18-hole mini golf course, an artificial grass golf green will surely provide the flexibility to fit the requirements of your project. In fact, the Namgrass ‘Play-Putt’ is designed specifically for this purpose, and is available in a variety of colours to suit your needs.

Artificial grass for dogs and other pets

If you’re looking into buying artificial grass, you may have questions on your mind such as “is artificial grass good for dogs?” or “is artificial grass pet friendly?” If so, you’ll be pleased to know that another functional benefit of synthetic grass is that it is indeed very pet-friendly. Artificial grass products are often rugged and will withstand wear, while they also won’t discolour when your pet goes to the toilet – artificial grass cleaning is straightforward as well!

It doesn’t stop there!

We’ve covered some of the key uses and benefits of artificial grass in this blog, but the possibilities really are almost endless! Trust us – as artificial grass suppliers, we see first-hand every day just how amazing and versatile synthetic grass can be. How does an artificial grass patio sound? Or perhaps you’re looking for artificial grass for the balcony – it’s all possible with Namgrass.

As specialist suppliers of artificial grass in the UK, we’ve got the knowledge and expertise to help with your artificial grass project, whatever it might involve. If you want to learn more about our fantastic range of quality artificial grass products, why not request some free samples?

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How to Choose Aritificial Grass

How to Choose Artificial Grass

What’s the right shade of green for my garden? How do you clean artificial grass? Is 40mm artificial grass too long? These are just a few of the questions that you might have when buying artificial grass, and as a specialist supplier of artificial grass in the UK, we know the importance of choosing the right product for your needs.

Whether it’s your first time, or you’re something of a synthetic grass expert, there are some key factors to consider depending on the needs of your home and your family – read on as we take you through the key things to consider, so you know what to look for when buying artificial grass for your garden.

Artificial grass for pets

It’s no secret that owning a pet can dictate many of your choices when planning and maintaining your ideal lawn. You understandably might be hesitant to spend valuable time and effort on a natural lawn just for the dog to make a mess of the whole thing! Thankfully, Namgrass has your back when it comes to artificial grass maintenance, as all of our products are durable, pet-friendly and won’t discolour like natural grass. Plus, unlike maintaining a lawn it can be a real time-saver too, as cleaning artificial grass is a breeze.

Artificial grass for families

As artificial grass suppliers, we know that parents love to watch the pure excitement kids get from playing out in the garden during summertime, but how can you keep on top of maintaining your lawn without ruining all the fun? Namgrass artificial grass products are great for family fun, and won’t suffer in the summer months like natural grass (say goodbye to that sun-scorched and trampled garden!). A soft, yet durable artificial grass such as our very own ‘Serenity’ product is one of many great options for your family garden.

A child and a dog on the grass

Artificial grass cost

With all home and garden improvements, when thinking about how to choose artificial grass, cost will likely play an important role in your decision, be that the cost of the product itself, or the artificial grass installation cost. At Namgrass, we want to make buying artificial grass as simple and accessible as possible, so we provide quality artificial grass at a range of price points. Our ‘Whitby’ product for instance, is a fantastic budget-friendly, high quality artificial grass.

Can you put artificial grass on decking?

Some garden projects can get very experimental, and you may want to lay turf on areas that you might not usually grow grass, such as balconies and decking. This is where synthetic grass really shines– whether you’re fitting artificial grass on roofs, balconies, or even paving, we have the products and accessories for the job.

Pile Height

If you’re researching how to choose artificial grass for your garden, you may have stumbled across the term ‘pile height’. Pile height is simply the height of the synthetic grass fibres, from the bottom, right to the tip. With such a range of products on the market, you may be thinking to yourself, “what’s the best pile height?” or “is 40mm artificial grass too long?” Put simply, pile height is largely determined by your preference, and the garden aesthetics that you’re striving for, with shorter pile heights (up to 30mm) giving more of a ‘freshly cut’ look, while longer grasses (30 – 40mm+) often look more natural. It’s also worth noting that although not a direct correlation, sometimes greater pile height can mean increased artificial grass cost.

A pool with and poolhouse next to grass

Pile Density & Weight

Pile density measures how densely packed the grass is, and often correlates with the weight of a product. It’s an important factor to discuss with your artificial grass suppliers when buying artificial grass. High density is a great indicator of a high quality artificial grass product, and results in a green, luscious, and ‘healthy’ looking garden. At Namgrass we have a commitment to producing quality artificial grass, and the Namgrass Elise product is a great example of a high coverage density artificial grass that’s perfect for all manner of uses, from commercial areas to family gardens.

What’s next?

Hopefully this has helped you learn a little more about how to choose artificial grass for your project. There’s a great deal of synthetic grass products out there to help turn your dream garden into a reality, and knowing what to look for when buying artificial grass will certainly help you on your way.

As specialist artificial grass suppliers we’ll be on hand to help when you’re ready to plan your project, so why not have a browse of our range and request some samples?

If you’ve recently had artificial grass installed, why not show us your project on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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How to Clean Artificial Grass

How to Clean Artificial Grass

As specialist producers of artificial grass in the UK, we can tell you first hand that artificial grass maintenance is nowhere near as complicated and time-consuming as with a natural lawn. However, there are some things that you need to do to make sure that your lawn looks its best for as long as possible. Here we’ll tell you everything you need to know about cleaning artificial grass.

Artificial grass tools – what you need

When cleaning artificial grass, there are a few tools and supplies you’ll need before you start:

  • A leaf blower, a non-metal flexible lawn rake or a stiff broom
  • A hose
  • Mild detergent and warm water

Keep it Beautiful

When carrying out artificial grass maintenance, there are a few easy methods to consider that will keep your garden looking beautiful. Whether it’s a quick brush to get rid of dry debris or a quick splash with the hose, just spot clean the bits that need it, as they need it. A regular check on your synthetic grass makes sure that any build-up of leaves, twigs and dust or dirt doesn’t start to decompose or encourage moss growth – neither of which are good for your lawn! A brush with a stiff broom (or even a garden vacuum!) keeps the pile looking perky, as well as clearing any debris. If there’s anything stubborn or you feel like your lawn needs to be washed down, a blast with the hose works well.



Typically pet-friendly, artificial grass products like ours are perfect for animal lovers– but if you have pets, and they like to use your artificial grass as a toilet, then you’ll have to do some extra cleaning. Namgrass is great for pets because it doesn’t discolour, but you don’t want pet waste to build up. Hose down the area after use, and if there is a lingering smell, use washing up liquid and warm water or a product specifically for cleaning artificial grass.

Other Occurrences

As you enjoy your garden, you’re bound to spill things. Whether it’s sticky foods as you enjoy the warm weather or an accident while your kids play, cleaning artificial grass often a simple task. A damp sponge and a bit of water is usually enough to get rid of any spills. If it’s dried on or just a bit stubborn, a half-and-half mix of vinegar and water will usually do the job.

What not to do when cleaning artificial grass

‘Can you clean artificial grass with washing up liquid?’ ‘Do I need to dry my synthetic grass lawn?’ There are plenty of questions you may have surrounding artificial grass maintenance, so we’ve provided a helpful list of few key things you should avoid when cleaning artificial grass, and why.

  • Regarding artificial grass tools, don’t use sharp objects that might cut or tear the artificial grass. If you’re trying to lever something off your grass that’s stuck or dried on, then use a putty knife or something blunt.
  • Don’t use harsh chemicals on your grass to remove sticky stuff – this could damage the plastic. Instead, use washing up liquid, half-and-half of vinegar and water or specialist synthetic grass cleaner. This goes for pesticides too! Just use a hose to wash away any critters.
  • If you are tempted to use something a bit stronger on a stubborn patch, then try a patch test on the corner of the grass or somewhere that’s not visible to see if the chemicals react with the grass.
  • Don’t apply heat to your lawn. It will dry naturally after a hose down.
  • Don’t use a domestic vacuum on your artificial grass. This may not work well for the grass or the vacuum, and in fact may damage them both. Use a garden vacuum instead.

Hopefully this guide has helped to answer most of your questions around cleaning artificial grass. All this will keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round, with much less maintenance than a natural lawn.

If the idea of this has inspired you to consider artificial grass for your garden, why not have a browse of our range and request your free samples?

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Meet the Installers – Discover Landscape & His Dog

blog header image

Meet the Installers – Discover Landscape & His Dog

Namgrass has a nationwide network of the UK’s leading artificial grass installers; their precision and attention to detail are what sets them apart from the rest. We thought we would give our customers the opportunity to get to know our artificial grass installers.

Meet Danny from Discover Landscape, a professional artificial grass installer in Teesside. Danny talks us through his daily jobs and how he uses artificial grass to transform his customer’s gardens with a little help from his dog, Dhuma.

How and when was Discover Landscape founded?

discover landscape and dog

I [Danny Storey] started Discover Landscape around 4 years ago. I had a complete re-think on what I wanted to do with my career. I went from sitting on a computer, to retraining as a landscaper, which, as you could imagine, was a big difference! I retrained in landscaping for 4 years to gain the skills needed, which I bring into my job every day when installing artificial grass.

Danny walking Dhuma.

Why did you choose Namgrass as your supplier?

Is this even a question? Without a doubt, their artificial grass is by far the best on the market. There’s no comparison between them and other artificial grass brands, even though it’s artificial, it doesn’t look artificial… if you get me?

We get you Danny & thanks!

artificial grass garden

What's your favourite Namgrass product to work with?

fake grass install

I’d say our most popular of Namgrass artificial grass products would be Exbury Bright. Everyone seems to like this astroturf and it looks super natural too!

How many artificial grass installs have you completed?

Hmm, this is a hard one as you lose track of how many artificial grass installations you complete!

Let’s just say, we’ve installed A LOT of artificial grass, but I don’t think it’s about the number, it’s always about the quality of the install that matters.

fake grass laid

Where do you complete most of your artificial grass installs within the UK?

kids play area with fake grass

I live in the Teesside area in the North East of the UK, so a lot of my landscaping work is based around where I live.

Have you laid many ‘unique’ or awkward artificial grass installations?

I wouldn’t say that any of the artificial grass installs I have done are specifically unique, but I do like it when we are able to incorporate a mix of plants and natural materials into the overall job, as this helps the grass look even more natural!

The only time things can be awkward is when you’re trying to lift the grass around the back of a garden, access isn’t always the best for 4m long rolls of fake grass!


fake grassl aid in back garden

Does Dhuma like to help on-site? What’s his main role within the company?

Discover landscape dog

Well, he helps in his own way!

Once we’ve trimmed off the edges of the artificial grass rolls, he likes to tidy up and run around with it. His favourite on-site task is the running test, he’s a big dog, so it has to be robust for other puppies, and he certainly makes sure it is!

His two main roles would have to be, one, being an excellent guard dog and two, being the sleep supervisor- he loves nothing more than watching us work whilst he lays in the sun!

To see more from Discover Landscape:

Head over to  &  follow Danny on Instagram @discover_landscape

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Meet the Installers – Solent Garden Services

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Meet the Installers – Solent Garden Services

Namgrass has a nationwide network of the UK’s leading artificial grass installers; their precision and attention to detail are what sets them apart from the rest. We thought we would give our customers the opportunity to get to know our installers.

Introducing – Solent Garden Services, a professional artificial grass installer in Hampshire who also complete all manner of landscaping. Run by landscaping guru and artificial grass pro Rob Woodhouse. There’s not much Rob and his team can’t do to create their customers’ dream garden!

How and when was Solent Garden Services founded?

namgrass installer team photo

We are Solent Garden Services Ltd, a family-run business established in 1973.

Originally, we were predominantly focused on garden maintenance but have evolved over the years to cover all aspects of garden design, build and maintenance.

I [Rob Woodhouse] grew up around the business but got my first real sense of the work involved when I was 15 years old, completing my school work experience within the family business. I came on board working for the company full time at the age of 21. At this point, it was just me and one other guy working on regular maintenance however landscaping and garden design was always the direction I wanted to take the business.

Rob (2nd in from the left) & his talented team.

Why did you choose Namgrass as your supplier?

My focus is always using quality products so when we started installing artificial lawns, we were looking for only the best products to install which is where Namgrass came in.

I was really impressed with the quality and diversity within the range of Namgrass products, plus it’s a company which is local to us, so it was a no-brainer for me!

fake grass in garden

What's your favourite Namgrass product to work with?

artificial grass installed in modern garden

I’m really impressed with the new range, but I really love Utopia! I love it so much I’ve installed it in my own garden!

(Robs garden features as the main install image here!)

How many artificial grass installs have you completed?

We’ve been installing Namgrass lawns for around 7 years now so let’s just say we’ve completed a lot! Namgrass is the only brand of artificial lawns I’ve ever used as it’s always been a reliable product and brand.

before and after artificial lawn install

Where do you complete most of your artificial grass installs within the UK?

artificial lawn garden

We mostly cover Hampshire but we have traveled to London for a few special installs in the past.

Have you installed some challenging artificial grass jobs?

We have just wrapped up our biggest install to date. A whopping 360sqm of Eden! That was a real challenge with over 70 tonnes of aggregate brought in for the subbase and base.

installing artificial grass

To see more from Solent Garden Services:

Head over to    &  follow Rob on Instagram @green_fingerz_

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Meet the Installers – South Coast Artificial Grass Ltd

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Meet the Installers – South Coast Artificial Grass Ltd

Namgrass has a nationwide network of the UK’s leading artificial grass installers; their precision and attention to detail are what sets them apart from the rest. We thought we would give our customers the opportunity to get to know our installers, starting with South Coast Artificial Grass Ltd.

When and how did South Coast Artificial Grass Ltd start?

The company was first incorporated in April 2019 by Neil Pinchbeck. Neil started the company after seeing a completed artificial grass install and really liking the transformation. So, after much research and setting out to install his first job at home, he was hooked with the transformation and job satisfaction.

It was then in January of 2020 that my (Shaun King) involvement within the company came about (although Neil and myself have been friends for years!). I have a background in business and sales and Neil is an experienced fitter/tradesman, so we both have different roles within the company which works really well.

Neil Pinchbeck (left) & Shaun King (right)

Why did you choose Namgrass as your supplier?

The honest answer is that our previous supplier couldn’t meet our demand. They would constantly be out of stock of grass and with long wait times. Although at the time this was due to the COVID pandemic, it wasn’t good for us as a business as it minimised our options and we didn’t want to be turning work away or losing it.  So, we needed to source someone more reliable, and that’s where Namgrass came in. I did some research and Namgrass ticked all the right boxes – local to us, no stock issues, high-quality product, and a great team to easily work with.

What's your favourite Namgrass product to work with?

Although all the Namgrass products are high quality and easy to work with, our favourite grass to install has to be Elise. It’s a great grass to cut and join and looks amazing when finished on any size area.


How many installs have you completed?

To date, South Coast Artificial Grass has installed just over 200 new surface area’s and we are constantly growing and getting busier with high demand. We average around 20 new installs a month!

to showcase artificial grass install

Where do you complete most of your installs within the UK?

to show an artificial grass install

Based in Dorset, we predominantly tend to work within the BH postcodes covering Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood and Swanage, etc. We have and will also carry out installs in Dorchester and Weymouth. Project dependant, we have also completed installations in Fordingbridge, Romsey, Eastleigh and our furthest install away was in Amesbury.

Have you installed many ‘unique’ artificial grass jobs? Have you had some awkward/hard installs?

We have completed quite a range of jobs; some I believe other companies simply don’t want to do, but we aren’t afraid of the challenge and hard work.

We’ve had some awkward shapes and sizes, some with long walks to get access and some up or down a lot of steps, so we’ve had to hand-carry out all the removed spoil and then hand-carry back in all the new aggregate for the sub-base.  We’ve also had a few jobs where the only access is through the property itself which has proven interesting!

to show an awkward shape artificial grass install

To find out more about South Coast Artificial Grass head over to their website

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How to Care for Your Artificial Grass this Winter

artificial grass in winter

How to Care for Your Artificial Grass this Winter

Winter has well and truly arrived! With the dark nights drawing in and frosty mornings becoming common place, December through to February can be a quiet time for your garden.  With winter also comes the inevitable icy and maybe even snowy weather conditions – and you might be concerned about how this cold weather might affect your artificial grass in winter time.

Well, you can be reassured that maintenance of your synthetic lawn is simple all year round. However, in the winter period, you may find that your grass may become slippery in wet weather conditions and the blades might freeze in sub-zero temperatures (just as you might expect with natural grass).

So how should you look after your artificial grass throughout these winter months?

Q: Can my artificial grass be damaged by snow or frost?

A: You can be reassured that artificial grass is resilient, much more resilient than a natural lawn grass, and will tolerate more extreme weather conditions. The grass blades will certainly stiffen if it’s frosty, which makes the grass less pleasant to walk on. In a heavy freeze, you may cause some damage if you walk on them, so ideally, it’s better to allow the snow to melt and drain away.

Q: What do I do if my lawn is snow covered?

A: A thin covering of snow is fine to walk or play on but be careful not to let it build up too much, as the snow can become compacted and turn into ice, potentially breaking the fibres of your artificial grass.

We also don’t recommend using salt to melt ice and snow as this can clog the drainage elements of your grass. Remove as much snow as you can with a plastic shovel – avoid using metal as that could damage the grass.  Take as much care when it melts as the grass can become slippery.

When walked upon, snow can get compacted and form a layer in your artificial grass. Take as much care, because this is really slippery to walk on and again, the drainage capacity of your lawn might deteriorate. In case this happens, we recommend you to remove the layer by hand to avoid damage.

Your grass may be flattened after the snow has fallen, but it’ll bounce back, and you can always help it along with a stiff yard brush.

Q: Do I need to do anything when it’s raining, or flooding?

A: Artificial grass stands up well against lots of rain and will even be ok if temporarily submerged underwater. Prolonged water-logging may cause mould, so we strongly recommend that your grass is installed correctly and by a professional so that the chance of possible waterlogging is kept to a minimum.

Regular maintenance

While artificial grass does not need the same amount of maintenance as a natural lawn, basic regular maintenance throughout the year will make sure your artificial grass is in good shape, ready for the harsher weather.

It’s essential to keep on top of any leaves or debris on the fake lawn because if it is left unchecked, they can block the all-important drainage holes in your artificial grass and water may start collecting on the surface of the lawn.

This can give rise to weeds in artificial grass and maybe moss and mould growth. A good broom/brush or even a blower will remove leaves or debris to solve this problem. Do not use a metal rake on the lawn as this will pull up the artificial lawn.

Please don’t hesitate to contact a member of our team to discuss any aspect of artificial lawn care.

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The UK Gardens You Must See in 2020

The UK Gardens You Must See in 2020

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for your next planting season or you’re just in need of a visit to nature’s great outdoors, the UK is teeming with stunning gardens to discover and explore.

We’ve split them out according to season, so whenever the feeling takes you, you can experience a beautiful outdoor space.

Winter Gardens

Mottisfont Winter Garden, Hampshire

With a specially planted winter garden, Mottisfont boasts vibrant colours and intriguing scents. A one-acre garden planted with their gardeners’ favourite winter plants, you can enjoy dogwood, ornamental bramble, berries and winter-flowering perennials, as well as the burgundy and russet tints of ornamental willow and the scents of honeysuckle, witch hazel and viburnum.

Tremenheere Sculpture Gardens, Cornwall

The winter temperatures and shelter from the wind means that even semi-hardy plants thrive at Tremenheere in the colder months. The dramatic landscape, textural plants and artwork make a visit at any time of the year an inspirational one. (opens mid February)

Ecclesgreig Castle, Angus

This castle, famous for its role as inspiration to Bram Stoker’s Dracula, boasts the snowdrop walk. With over 150 different varieties of snowdrop, hailing the oncoming spring, you’ll walk through balustraded gardens with classical statues and topiary. (open day 1st of March – it’s a private property and is only open on certain days throughout the year!)

Spring Gardens

Sissinghurst Castle Garden, Kent

Sissinghurst Castle Garden is one of the UK’s most famous gardens. Created by Vita Sackville-West and her husband Harold Nicolson in the 1930’s, who transformed the practically barren garden into an outdoor space in one of the first examples of “garden room” design. It’s a must-see garden, from the Lime Walk and the pretty orchard, to the crocuses, daffodils and bluebells in the woodland and fields.

Attingham Park, Shrewsbury

In Spring, the parkland at Attingham Park begins to bloom. From the bluebell woodland to the walled garden to the tulip displays that burst into life and bring vibrant colours, you can also see the historic bee house, deer, otters and dragonflies and all the usual pond life.

Abbotsford House Gardens, Scottish Borders

The home of Sir Walter Scott, the Scottish historical novelist, poet, playwright and historian, who was known for his imagination. Designed by the man himself, it’s an example of a Regency garden layout, and would have showcased the latest plants from around the world.

Summer Gardens

Scampston Hall, North Yorkshire

This regency country house boasts a contemporary walled garden designed by Piet Oudolf, a Dutch landscape designer. Set within the 18th century walls of the original kitchen garden, it now has a distinctly modern feel.

Trebah, Cornwall

A sub-tropical garden in a Cornish valley, next to the sea. With 100-year-old rhododendrons, magnolias and camellias, and giant gunnera, it’s bursting with exotic blooms. They also have adventure play areas, children trails and special events all throughout the year.

Great Dixter, Kent

Great Dixter is a house and garden with lots of interesting history. The garden in particular is fascinating to explore, as it sits all the way around the house. The designer of the current garden didn’t believe in segregating plants based on habits, so you’ll see all sorts of plants, and all sorts of colours, together. It’s a riot of a garden that shouldn’t be missed.

Chatsworth, Derbyshire

The garden at Chatsworth is nearly 500 years old! It’s changed over the years, but there are still many early features that are just as beautiful today as they were when they were installed. From modern waterworks and sculpture walk to a Victorian rock garden and maze, it’s a must visit for 2020.

Autumn Gardens

Kingston Lacey, Dorset

Autumn at Kingston Lacey is breathtaking. The kitchen garden has fruits and vegetables now ready for harvest, the Japanese garden is red, orange and gold, and there are unusual fungi growing in the fernery. A stunning place to visit in autumn!

Marbury Country Park, Cheshire

Once the gardens of a grand estate, Marbury country park boasts lime avenues that are picturesque in the autumn. With a community orchard, an outdoor pool and an arboretum, it’s a rich and beautiful park that everyone can enjoy.

Killerton House, Exeter

From a giant redwood to a Chinese Scarlet Rowan, and a Cotoneaster lacteus with its red berries and furry leaves, Killerton House has lots to boast of in autumn on its 6400-acre grounds. You can even make cider there!

Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh

In 2020, the Royal Botanic Gardens of Edinburgh are celebrating 350 years! So whenever you visit, there’s lots to explore. In autumn, however, the vivid reds, oranges and yellows are a real showstopper.

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