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Garden layout and lawn design for artificial grass

namgrass coloured grass in play area

Garden layout and lawn design for artificial grass

With Spring upon us, Namgrass UK HQ is busier than ever. With that, we have more questions about our products, how it’s installed and garden layout and lawn design. One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how do you make the most of your artificial grass before it’s installed?’. It can be daunting when you’re having artificial grass installed – more often than not it’s the first time a customer has had it laid, so here are some tips to help you get started… Making the most of your space. Giving some thought about the space in which you’re using the grass at the beginning will give you a much better end result.

Lawn design basics.

One of the most basic garden designs is to create straight borders parallel with the boundaries. This adds a very modern and minimalistic feel to the garden, but allows you to be more flexible should you want to introduce garden accessories or garden structures. If you wanted to create more interest you could curve the corners of the grass area on one side. Another design could be introducing more curves to the lawn design which starts to make the garden feel and look larger. If the grass is accentuated further up into one of the corners – this could be an area that captures the last of the sun in the evening or is least over looked so you’re making the most of the space.

fake grass cut into design and laid on balcony
bright Artificial grass in town garden

Consider the ‘style’ of your garden.

In some gardens choosing the style is comparatively easy – look out beyond your boundaries, and your answer can be found. However, for enclosed town gardens and those that are surrounded by a more suburban setting, it can be much harder to visualise – in such cases, you can choose whatever suits you. The style can then be designed around the practical needs of the garden for example is your garden an extension of your living area whereby you would want a consistent theme or style carried through?

It was only up until a few years ago that it was widely thought that artificial grass could only work in a modern styled gardens – but in the past 4 years or so, products have advanced so much that there are now a wide variety of textures and colours to choose from making it easier for you to choose a product to suit any style of garden, as well as differing practical needs.

In terms of selecting the grass to suit your garden style, if your garden is ‘uber’ modern with smooth, light-coloured paving and very distinct, set shapes – for such a style you would require a ‘neat’ looking artificial grass of medium pile height (27mm) with a luxurious, dense feel.

For more traditional style gardens with textured sandstone or paving slabs – a longer pile artificial grass would suit this better (32mm) with a more ‘open’ appearance, e.g.  you can see into the grass, exposing the ‘thatch’ more, Meadow would be perfect for this style.

Or if your garden style has a slight Mediterranean feel – choose a slightly lighter coloured product, with a broad fibre.

Namgrass have a wide range of grasses to choose from to suit the style you’re looking to create for your perfect garden design. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us.