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How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Looking Newer for Longer

neat and tidy artificial lawn

How to Keep Your Artificial Grass Looking Newer for Longer

Artificial grass is probably one of the best investments you could make to your home. Gone are the weekends spent trying to tame your lawn, or telling your children (or dogs) to wipe their muddy shoes (or paws) from the garden. Instead, you will have extra precious time to spend on what you love to do and you’ll have the added benefit of having more space in your garden or garage – you won’t need to store a lawnmower anymore! With this in mind, you want your grass to look as perfectly manicured as it was when you first had it installed, and we have a few tips to make your grass last longer.

1. Protect heavy traffic areas

Think of your artificial grass as outdoor carpet. And just like the carpet in your home, your artificial lawn will have heavy traffic areas. The impact of heavy traffic can quickly cause the fibres of your grass to sit in different directions, which makes it look flatter than the rest of your lawn. So just as with natural grass, we recommend we recommend having a paving slab or two to step onto right under the stepping point from your home or any other heavy traffic areas.

2. Rotate heavy equipment

If you have a lovely set of garden furniture, planters or even some goal posts resting on your lawn it may be time to consider a layout shift. Just like natural turf, the fibres of artificial lawn will sit flatter due to being in more use and under more impact. Fear not! A good brushing with a stiff yard brush will help to stimulate the grass pile, resulting in a fresher looking lawn. Changing the layout of your lawn will also result in even wear, keeping it in better condition for longer.

3. Consider placements of decorative pieces

More often than not, once you have artificial grass laid, you tend to want to ‘finish’ the garden using additional plants and decorative pieces. What you need to consider is whether there are any mirrors, shiny features or any glass adjacent to the area you are installing – even a garden shed window.

It is quite common to have these in a garden, but the placement of the grass and the shiny objects are an important consideration. If they are in full sun for the majority of the day, the sun’s rays can be reflected and magnified onto the grass causing it to burn. Therefore, the layout is really key in ensuring that doesn’t happen.

4. Keep it Clean

After a while, common debris such as soil and twigs can find their way onto your lawn. Although these things will not directly affect your lawn, this matter does encourage the growth of weeds – the dreaded plant life for all lawns, both artificial and natural! Give your lawn some TLC from time-to-time with a good brushing, using a stiff brush or plastic rake. Alternatively, turn your neighbours’ heads by giving your lawn a vacuum – after all it is your outdoor carpet!  

5. Artificial Grass and Pets

Artificial lawn is a great option for pet-owners. While our furry friend’s business can leave natural lawn discoloured, creating an overall patchy effect, this does not happen to artificial grass. However, it is still a good idea to apply an artificial grass cleaner, this will not only freshen up the appearance of your lawn it will also reduce the build up of odours.  

By taking these steps on board you’re sure to have a luscious lawn for years to come!

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Keeping the Kids Entertained this Summer

Keeping the Kids Entertained this Summer

Keeping the kids entertained can be difficult at the best of times, especially during the summer break. Are you struggling with inspiration and wanting to make the most of your garden this summer? We have some fun ideas that will get the whole family involved and in the garden!

The Classics

Games played and passed on from one generation to the next. These games are timeless.

1. Swingball – need we say more? Hours of fun – even if you’re playing on your own!

2. Making dens – there is something quite magical about building dens in the garden. It’s an adventure in itself trying to find materials to make the den out of – old sheets or curtains, battered logs or simply some cardboard boxes. Once it’s made comes the fun part – decorating. Do you have old furniture lying around which can be used in the den?

3. Piggy in the middle – a simple but fun game for all the family. Even the dog can get involved!

Kids playing in their paddling pool
senior man with his grandaughter planting a seedling on allotment. Man and a small girl gardening.

For Those Who Like to Explore

There are many things to find in the garden – natural or otherwise. The look of satisfaction on your little ones faces will be totally worth the muddy fingers.

1. Play the archaeologist – plant some toys or treasures around the garden for your children to find. They will have hours of fun digging to see what hidden treasures they can find. If your children are younger you can use a sand pit table and hide toys in the sand for them to dig out. You may even have a mini Indiana Jones in your midst!

2. Something for the brave – try and find as many insects as you can. Children love this game and are not shy about getting dirty and stuck in. This game is also a great numbers game as the children can count each one they’ve managed to find.

3. For nature lovers – show your children some pictures of various flowers and plants in your garden and ask them to find it. For each they find, reward them with a fun fact or a healthy treat (or not!).

Get Moving

If you’re sporting types, then why not hold your own Olympics? Whether it’s a one-day event or you spread it across the summer, there’s no better way to get little ones moving.

  1. Length-of-the-garden race. However long your garden is – get your kids and their friends to run the length and back.
  2. Football. If you’re lovers of the sport, then consider a tournament! If not, a how-many-can-you-get-to-the-back-of-the-net competition will do.
  3. Bowling. Grab a lawn game set and have a see if you can knock over the skittles!
  4. Jumping. How high, how far. Get the tape measure out and see who wins!
Cute little blonde hair boy enjoy blooming lilac in the domestic garden in warm day.
Father and son playing soccer in the garden

Take the Heat Off

There’s nothing kids love more, than a water fight on a hot day. With that in mind, why not transform your garden into the ultimate waterpark complete with hosepipes, sprinklers and a paddling pool. Create your own slip n’ slide using a large sheet of tarpaulin and hosepipes – then see who can slide the longest! Fill balloons with water, to create a water balloon pinata, which is sure to bring fun and a much needed cool down to all the family!


Help the children understand the garden from a young age and get them to help you with planting flowers, herbs or seeds. By planting themselves they’ll have more of an interest in its progress. You could even hold sunflower races to see which sunflower grows to be the tallest.

As you can see the garden really is a great playground for you and the family. However if you have a lawn which is more Sahara Desert than play-pit then it might be time to consider artificial grass so your lawn is play-time ready all year round.

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Proud suppliers to Sky’s Soccer AM

fake grass footbal pitch

Namgrass Supply Sky’s Soccer AM

Darius Merriman, Sky ‘Soccer AM’ Producer

“We are delighted to have Namgrass supply our artificial grass on Soccer AM. The team have been first class in delivering this amazing surface in a short amount of time, and we are over the moon with the finished look and quality of the grass. It has been an absolute pleasure to deal with everyone at Namgrass”.

As the football season is due to kick-off the teams and players are getting ready and so are we…We are proud to announce that we are the artificial grass supplier for Sky’s Soccer AM. The Soccer AM team were looking to replace the tired looking artificial grass for their ‘Top Bin’ feature and had approached a number of companies to be their supplier.

Namgrass came top of the league for its high-quality product and service. Spanning 500sqm of concrete surface and a high traffic area through to the studio, the space needed a very hard-wearing product to handle the crowds and that’s why Namgrass Green Vision was used.  Find out more about the install here.