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Grass Out to Help Out

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A Namgrass Makeover for Great Ponton CE Primary School

Last year we launched a nationwide competition for all UK schools named “Grass Out to Help Out”. The competition aimed to give schools an opportunity to nominate themselves to win artificial grass so that they could revamp their outdoor space ahead of the winter months, enabling children to enjoy more freedom while being encouraged to keep 2m apart.

And the winner was...

synthetic grass for schools

We recognised the strain in which educational facilities were facing during the colder months when children need to be socially distant while also letting off steam outside. As the seasons change more and more schools often have to resort to indoor or concrete playtime, with school playing fields becoming out of bounds as the wet weather comes to stay.

The winners of the Nationwide competition were the children of Great Ponton CE Primary School. This voluntary aided, small village primary school was needing some help to transform a tired, worn-out tarmac play area that was becoming unfit for purpose. With the help of Namgrass Approved Installers BF Lawns, 450m2 of Namgrass artificial grass was installed to create a multi-sports play surface.

Which artificial grass was used?

The best artificial grass was chosen for the job, which was Play-putt– a short pile, dense structured, extremely resilient synthetic turf which is designed for all sports and play areas.

Playing fields are renowned for getting extremely muddy during the winter months, and we know concrete outdoor areas aren’t always available. Namgrass guarantees no mud or puddles and is completely child-friendly, creating the perfect play surface. So, we were pleased that we could supply a safe solution and give something back to a deserving school.

school sports pitch install with fake grass

But, the story didn’t end there…

multi sports pitch install

We were thrilled to hear that the school loved their new play surface so much, that they have asked us to come back to install more artificial grass this winter!

Thanks to BF Lawns

Huge thanks to Brett of BF Lawns and his team of highly skilled, professional artificial grass installers for completing such a high-quality installation for the children at Great Pontons.

great ponton school playground

Want to find out more about artificial grass installations for schools and play areas?

Get in touch!

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Namgrass Factory Awarded GOLD in Sustainability

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Namgrass Factory Awarded GOLD In Sustainability

As a leading supplier of artificial grass, at Namgrass, we’re always looking for ways to improve. So, we are pleased to announce our factory’s latest award win following a successful assessment by EcoVadis. Earning a gold rating in the 2021 EcoVadis sustainability awards, the Namgrass factory was placed in the top 3% of the artificial grass industry.

What is EcoVadis?

EcoVadis measures the quality of an organisation’s sustainability management. To do this they consider the policies, actions, and results around sustainability and scores them according to their efforts. If the quality of the management system is high enough the organisation is awarded a medal.

to show award certificate

Sustainability plays a key part in the Namgrass ethos and this year we announced our latest product, Pureti, an innovative artificial grass range that uses technology capable of purifying polluted air. 1m² of Pureti treated Namgrass artificial grass can purify the same amount of air as 1 fully grown tree!

We’re delighted that our factory has been awarded a gold rating in the Ecovadis sustainability assessment. Here at Namgrass and our factory, we work incredibly hard, as a team, to ensure we’re meeting standards and paving the way as industry leaders in ensuring our positive environmental efforts are unmatched.

Click to find out more about Namgrass and our artificial grass range.

Want to see if artificial grass is for you? 

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The History of Artificial Turf in Football

boy with football playing on hardwearing artificial grass

The History of Artificial Turf in Football

Though Football League clubs have decided against using artificial pitches, they are still in use in smaller clubs across the UK, with 3G pitches used in the FA Cup. Smaller clubs have seen huge benefits from using artificial turf, allowing over 50 hours of playtime per week, compared to the 5 hours that a natural turf pitch can support. This is what makes artificial grass such a great choice for clubs and communities looking for sustainable and economical pitches. Artificial grass really shines during wet weather play, with its epic drainage handling any downpour and resisting temperatures down to -20 degrees Celsius, making frozen pitches a thing of the past.

It’s high time we paid homage to the unsung hero of the beautiful game – check out our wonderful infographic on the history of artificial turf in football below.

fake grass on football pitch
artificial training pitch for arsenal
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Meet the Installers – Discover Landscape & His Dog

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Meet the Installers – Discover Landscape & His Dog

Namgrass has a nationwide network of the UK’s leading artificial grass installers; their precision and attention to detail are what sets them apart from the rest. We thought we would give our customers the opportunity to get to know our artificial grass installers.

Meet Danny from Discover Landscape, a professional artificial grass installer in Teesside. Danny talks us through his daily jobs and how he uses artificial grass to transform his customer’s gardens with a little help from his dog, Dhuma.

How and when was Discover Landscape founded?

discover landscape and dog

I [Danny Storey] started Discover Landscape around 4 years ago. I had a complete re-think on what I wanted to do with my career. I went from sitting on a computer, to retraining as a landscaper, which, as you could imagine, was a big difference! I retrained in landscaping for 4 years to gain the skills needed, which I bring into my job every day when installing artificial grass.

Danny walking Dhuma.

Why did you choose Namgrass as your supplier?

Is this even a question? Without a doubt, their artificial grass is by far the best on the market. There’s no comparison between them and other artificial grass brands, even though it’s artificial, it doesn’t look artificial… if you get me?

We get you Danny & thanks!

artificial grass garden

What's your favourite Namgrass product to work with?

fake grass install

I’d say our most popular of Namgrass artificial grass products would be Exbury Bright. Everyone seems to like this astroturf and it looks super natural too!

How many artificial grass installs have you completed?

Hmm, this is a hard one as you lose track of how many artificial grass installations you complete!

Let’s just say, we’ve installed A LOT of artificial grass, but I don’t think it’s about the number, it’s always about the quality of the install that matters.

fake grass laid

Where do you complete most of your artificial grass installs within the UK?

kids play area with fake grass

I live in the Teesside area in the North East of the UK, so a lot of my landscaping work is based around where I live.

Have you laid many ‘unique’ or awkward artificial grass installations?

I wouldn’t say that any of the artificial grass installs I have done are specifically unique, but I do like it when we are able to incorporate a mix of plants and natural materials into the overall job, as this helps the grass look even more natural!

The only time things can be awkward is when you’re trying to lift the grass around the back of a garden, access isn’t always the best for 4m long rolls of fake grass!


fake grassl aid in back garden

Does Dhuma like to help on-site? What’s his main role within the company?

Discover landscape dog

Well, he helps in his own way!

Once we’ve trimmed off the edges of the artificial grass rolls, he likes to tidy up and run around with it. His favourite on-site task is the running test, he’s a big dog, so it has to be robust for other puppies, and he certainly makes sure it is!

His two main roles would have to be, one, being an excellent guard dog and two, being the sleep supervisor- he loves nothing more than watching us work whilst he lays in the sun!

To see more from Discover Landscape:

Head over to  &  follow Danny on Instagram @discover_landscape

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Meet the Installers – Solent Garden Services

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Meet the Installers – Solent Garden Services

Namgrass has a nationwide network of the UK’s leading artificial grass installers; their precision and attention to detail are what sets them apart from the rest. We thought we would give our customers the opportunity to get to know our installers.

Introducing Solent Garden Services, a professional artificial grass installer in Hampshire who also complete all manner of landscaping. Run by landscaping guru and artificial grass pro Rob Woodhouse. There’s not much Rob and his team can’t do to create their customers’ dream garden!

How and when was Solent Garden Services founded?

namgrass installer team photo

We are Solent Garden Services Ltd, a family-run business established in 1973.

Originally, we were predominantly focused on garden maintenance but have evolved over the years to cover all aspects of garden design, build and maintenance.

I Rob Woodhouse grew up around the business but got my first real sense of the work involved when I was 15 years old, completing my school work experience within the family business. I came on board working for the company full time at the age of 21. At this point, it was just me and one other guy working on regular maintenance however landscaping and garden design was always the direction I wanted to take the business.

Rob (2nd in from the left) & his talented team.

Why did you choose Namgrass as your supplier?

My focus is always using quality products so when we started installing artificial lawns, we were looking for only the best products to install which is where Namgrass came in.

I was really impressed with the quality and diversity within the range of Namgrass products, plus it’s a company which is local to us, so it was a no-brainer for me!

fake grass in garden

What's your favourite Namgrass product to work with?

artificial grass installed in modern garden

I’m really impressed with the new range, but I really love Utopia! I love it so much I’ve installed it in my own garden!

(Robs garden features as the main install image here!)

How many artificial grass installs have you completed?

We’ve been installing Namgrass lawns for around 7 years now so let’s just say we’ve completed a lot! Namgrass is the only brand of artificial lawns I’ve ever used as it’s always been a reliable product and brand.

before and after artificial lawn install

Where do you complete most of your artificial grass installs within the UK?

artificial lawn garden

We mostly cover Hampshire but we have traveled to London for a few special installs in the past.

Have you installed some challenging artificial grass jobs?

We have just wrapped up our biggest install to date. A whopping 360sqm of Eden! That was a real challenge with over 70 tonnes of aggregate brought in for the subbase and base.

installing artificial grass

To see more from Solent Garden Services:

Head over to    &  follow Rob on Instagram @green_fingerz_

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Meet the Installers – South Coast Artificial Grass Ltd

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Meet the Installers – South Coast Artificial Grass Ltd

Namgrass has a nationwide network of the UK’s leading artificial grass installers; their precision and attention to detail are what sets them apart from the rest. We thought we would give our customers the opportunity to get to know our installers, starting with South Coast Artificial Grass Ltd.

When and how did South Coast Artificial Grass Ltd start?

Neil&Shaun-south coast artificial grass ltd

The company was first incorporated in April 2019 by Neil Pinchbeck. Neil started the company after seeing a completed artificial grass install and really liking the transformation. So, after much research and setting out to install his first job at home, he was hooked with the transformation and job satisfaction.

It was then in January of 2020 that my (Shaun King) involvement within the company came about (although Neil and myself have been friends for years!). I have a background in business and sales and Neil is an experienced fitter/tradesman, so we both have different roles within the company which works really well.

Neil Pinchbeck (left) & Shaun King (right)

Why did you choose Namgrass as your supplier?

The honest answer is that our previous supplier couldn’t meet our demand. They would constantly be out of stock of grass and with long wait times. Although at the time this was due to the COVID pandemic, it wasn’t good for us as a business as it minimised our options and we didn’t want to be turning work away or losing it.  So, we needed to source someone more reliable, and that’s where Namgrass came in. I did some research and Namgrass ticked all the right boxes – local to us, no stock issues, high-quality product, and a great team to easily work with.

Elise install in the garden

What's your favourite Namgrass product to work with?

Elise fake grass install

Although all the Namgrass products are high quality and easy to work with, our favourite grass to install has to be Elise. It’s a great grass to cut and join and looks amazing when finished on any size area.


How many installs have you completed?

To date, South Coast Artificial Grass has installed just over 200 new surface area’s and we are constantly growing and getting busier with high demand. We average around 20 new installs a month!

to showcase artificial grass install

Where do you complete most of your installs within the UK?

to show an artificial grass install

Based in Dorset, we predominantly tend to work within the BH postcodes covering Bournemouth, Poole, Christchurch, Ringwood and Swanage, etc. We have and will also carry out installs in Dorchester and Weymouth. Project dependant, we have also completed installations in Fordingbridge, Romsey, Eastleigh and our furthest install away was in Amesbury.

Have you installed many ‘unique’ artificial grass jobs? Have you had some awkward/hard installs?

We have completed quite a range of jobs; some I believe other companies simply don’t want to do, but we aren’t afraid of the challenge and hard work.

We’ve had some awkward shapes and sizes, some with long walks to get access and some up or down a lot of steps, so we’ve had to hand-carry out all the removed spoil and then hand-carry back in all the new aggregate for the sub-base.  We’ve also had a few jobs where the only access is through the property itself which has proven interesting!

to show an awkward shape artificial grass install

To find out more about South Coast Artificial Grass head over to their website

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Namgrass Lifestyle Range Now Available

New Lifestyle Artificial Grass Range from Namgrass

We are pleased to announce the launch of our new Lifestyle range to complement our existing Luxury products.

The Lifestyle range offers a selection of grasses that is suitable for the wear and tear of a much-used family garden or simply to make your garden look beautiful. Each grass is inspired by the natural colours of the New Forest, Hampshire where our head office is based.

It consists of five new products, Burley, Downton, Exbury, Kirkstall and Sway. For a bright, just sprung look, Exbury is the grass of choice. Sway offers a lighter colour shade which complements any surroundings and Downton provides the more realistic, darker look of them all.

As well as a variety of shades to choose from, our new range features various pile heights from a shorter 25mm pile height to a well-grown 37mm for a more premium look. Whilst competitively priced, we do not compromise the quality you would expect from us.

To find out more about the range, select an option below.

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New Product: Serenity

Quaint summer house and fake grass

Serenity Artificial Grass

Our new product Serenity is here and it is perfect for those who are after an elegant and bright look to their garden. It is luxurious, realistic and standing at 37 mm pile height, the tallest in the range. Not only does it look stunning, but it is densely packed to withstand the traffic of a busy family garden.

Our customer research carried out in August 2017, found that the most sought-after factors to purchasing artificial grass were that it was realistic just like a natural lawn and looked great. Our products meet that brief as standard, but we wanted to create a product that is ultra-soft and durable. In its first month of release, Serenity accounted for over 40% of samples requested from us.

Serenity is one of the most vibrant looking products in the range so if you are after a luxurious and bright lawn, capable of withstanding fun family activities throughout the year with no mud, no mowing and minimal maintenance then this product is a perfect choice.

Why don’t you have a feel? Request free samples of Serenity today.

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We’re going to FutureScape 2017

garden house on artificial grass

Futurescape 2017

A date for your diary: another year later and we are back at FutureScape on November 14th, Sandown Park Racecourse exhibiting our popular and innovative products. Namgrass artificial grass is a low maintenance product suitable for all weather conditions and it can really help your business to thrive, making the most of any outdoor (or indoor) space. Our Namgrass team will be readily available to answer all your questions on artificial grass and tell you about our products and how it can grow your business. We have a network of Namgrass Approved Installers nationwide and we’re always looking for professional, dedicated installers to add to our team. The exhibition is free of charge and you will find us on Stand 63 to answer any questions on artificial grass installation. We’ll also be giving away some exclusive prizes so do come and visit us!

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Come see us at Family Attractions Expo 2017

The Family Attractions Expo 2017

Namgrass are exhibiting at the Family Attraction Expo at the NEC Birmingham on the 8th & 9th November 2017. The show aims to inspire and provide businesses with the tools to increase visitors to their attraction using sound, expert advice from industry heavyweights as well as a realm of high-quality suppliers to make their attraction look fantastic. Artificial grass is a perfect low maintenance product suitable for all weather conditions and it can really help businesses to make the most of their outdoor space, even if it is raining! The exhibition is free of charge and running alongside it is the Holiday Park and Resort Innovation Expo. You will find us on Stand 1321 to answer any questions on artificial grass installation at your commercial property and we’ll also be giving away some exclusive prizes so do come and visit us!