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Outdoor Space Matters

smart fake grass laid around hedge arch

Outdoor Space Matters

There is no doubt that a garden can ‘make or break’ a house. You could have the most beautiful house in the world, in the most exquisite location, but if the garden is nothing more than a ‘postage stamp’ sized concrete mess its desirability, saleability and ultimately its value will be vastly diminished. Understandably the garden will of course not be as an important factor as the living space itself, but I think it comes in at a close second for some people, it is after all the aspect you will look out onto from your living space through out the time you live there. With this in mind, there are some points to consider in the garden of your potential new purchase.

Aspect and orientation

I think if we all had the choice, we would opt for the garden with the sunny aspect and stunning vista across the sea. But the reality is not very many of us can afford to be that ‘picky’ over such ‘wishes’. However, there are a few things to bear in mind when looking at a new house and its garden: a north facing garden, surrounded by trees is never going to get much light, and as a result of this, plants, natural grass and the alike will suffer. So what if you have found the perfect house, but the garden is facing the wrong way, or you are surrounded by huge trees and shrubs which are zapping all the light away, obviously you can’t do anything about the orientation of the house, but you can investigate further to see that anything can be done to improve the amount of light coming into the garden or house e.g. removing or cutting back of trees (always check for TPO’s first – Tree Preservation Orders, you will need to ask your local council for this information). Or can the garden be modified to enable a usable area to be created in a sunny spot? If done in the right way, making improvements like this will inevitably add value to the property also – so it could be a ‘win win’ situation.

Artificial grass lawn with paving

How will you use your garden?

A pretty obvious one, but if you have lots of young children, or indeed you are elderly…A garden with lots of level changes and steps etc… is never going to make the most practical proposition. However, if you are a keen gardener, and would like the challenge of creating a space on differing levels and dividing the areas, then such a garden would be ideal.


father and son play football on Namgrass Artificial Grass Sports Surfaces

Is the garden overlooked?

It’s quite rare these days to find a garden which is not overlooked at all from at least one angle, but with the house you are prospecting over: is there space in the garden which is not overlooked, or can you do something to make it more private e.g. plant some nice trees that could add some interest to the space also (not just throw in a conifer hedged)?


artificial grass with stone paving

Ground conditions

It’s always useful to have a good wander round the garden of your potential purchase, to see if there are any apparent issues with the ground for example has there been any settlement in the garden, does the patio or lawn appear to be draining well ? It’s quite common these days, especially with new developments for gardens to have been just ‘dressed over’ with a layer of topsoil, but underneath there could be a compact layer of soil or other debris from the building site that could cause not only issues with drainage, but also restrictions on what plants will grow well in the garden further down the line. So a soggy lawn or lying water anywhere in a garden is certainly something to look out for.

racking sub-base of artificial grass install


Ok so you have found your dream house, but it is let down by the garden, or there is not enough parking at the front. So then you need to assess whether or not the garden has the potential to be worked on and make the changes you need e.g. it’s a North facing garden, but you can clear an area to create a patio in a ‘sunny spot’, or you can remove some plants or trees to allow more light in. You may need to call on your imagination for some ideas, or even get some advice from a garden designer, to see what exactly is possible.  

Pool with artificial grass surround

So there’s a few points to consider when looking at houses, ultimately it always comes down to priority when choosing a house, as you will never find a house that ticks all the boxes, but by taking into consideration a couple of these points, you are at least giving some thought to your outdoor space. Follow our blog for garden design lawn ideas and artificial grass inspiration.

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Garden layout and lawn design for artificial grass

namgrass coloured grass in play area

Garden layout and lawn design for artificial grass

With Spring upon us, Namgrass UK HQ is busier than ever. With that, we have more questions about our products, how it’s installed and garden layout and lawn design. One of the most common questions we get asked is ‘how do you make the most of your artificial grass before it’s installed?’. It can be daunting when you’re having artificial grass installed – more often than not it’s the first time a customer has had it laid, so here are some tips to help you get started… Making the most of your space. Giving some thought about the space in which you’re using the grass at the beginning will give you a much better end result.

Lawn design basics.

One of the most basic garden designs is to create straight borders parallel with the boundaries. This adds a very modern and minimalistic feel to the garden, but allows you to be more flexible should you want to introduce garden accessories or garden structures. If you wanted to create more interest you could curve the corners of the grass area on one side. Another design could be introducing more curves to the lawn design which starts to make the garden feel and look larger. If the grass is accentuated further up into one of the corners – this could be an area that captures the last of the sun in the evening or is least over looked so you’re making the most of the space.

fake grass cut into design and laid on balcony
bright Artificial grass in town garden

Consider the ‘style’ of your garden.

In some gardens choosing the style is comparatively easy – look out beyond your boundaries, and your answer can be found. However, for enclosed town gardens and those that are surrounded by a more suburban setting, it can be much harder to visualise – in such cases, you can choose whatever suits you. The style can then be designed around the practical needs of the garden for example is your garden an extension of your living area whereby you would want a consistent theme or style carried through?

It was only up until a few years ago that it was widely thought that artificial grass could only work in a modern styled gardens – but in the past 4 years or so, products have advanced so much that there are now a wide variety of textures and colours to choose from making it easier for you to choose a product to suit any style of garden, as well as differing practical needs.

In terms of selecting the grass to suit your garden style, if your garden is ‘uber’ modern with smooth, light-coloured paving and very distinct, set shapes – for such a style you would require a ‘neat’ looking artificial grass of medium pile height (27mm) with a luxurious, dense feel.

For more traditional style gardens with textured sandstone or paving slabs – a longer pile artificial grass would suit this better (32mm) with a more ‘open’ appearance, e.g.  you can see into the grass, exposing the ‘thatch’ more, Meadow would be perfect for this style.

Or if your garden style has a slight Mediterranean feel – choose a slightly lighter coloured product, with a broad fibre.

Namgrass have a wide range of grasses to choose from to suit the style you’re looking to create for your perfect garden design. If you have any questions then don’t hesitate to contact us.

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The ABCs for Building a Playground

Namgrass Living Colours fake grass in school play ground

The ABCs for Building a Playground

Playgrounds are an essential part of childhood, where kids learn social skills, get exercise and explore. However, for parents and teachers alike, it can be difficult to let children run riot without worrying about slips, trips and falls.

Accidents happen, and while it’s impossible to completely incident-proof your playground, there are a number of rules and regulations to keep in mind.

Sourcing the correct equipment and surfacing is essential. When it comes to surfacing, we’re the experts. Our high quality artificial grass has been installed across the UK to many happy customers. Explore our range of artificial grass for schools, or take a look at one of our previous projects.

For an overview of playground safety, we have created this easy-to-follow infographic to get you off to a great start.

Namgrass Playground Infographic

Images coutesy of Nigel Abbey Design

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Outside space matters more

white dining table on fake grass

Outside space matters more

With the average British home shrinking by two square metres in a decade, families are forced to make their living space stretch more than ever. Despite the lack of indoor space, 80% of new homes bought in the past five years have a private garden. This makes outdoor space extremely valuable. Exterior spaces have now evolved to be an expansion of indoor living space. Many homeowners see their garden as a key entertainment space; doubling up as al fresco dining rooms, bars and even cooking spaces. Make sure you get the most of your space with our planning and design tips:

vibrant fake grass laid on balcony with view of farm land

Match your lifestyle.

If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, but don’t have a lot of time for gardening, go low maintenance.

Adding paving and decking gives you a great space for seating and furniture which can be a great dining and entertainment area.

If you want easy upkeep without compromising on your green spaces, why not try artificial grass?

You and the kids have a perfect lawn all year round with no mud, mess or mowing!

fake grass in garden with flower bedding

Bring the inside, outside.

Having shared spaces to socialise is important for friends and family. With housing shrinking year on year, these communal areas are compromised for storage space. Investing time and thought into planning your garden can provide you with a whole new social space. By adding French doors, you can create a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space, creating a whole new living space.
bright green artificial grass in garden with timber fencing

Get creative with space.

Even the smallest gardens have great potential. There may be more space to work with than you initially realise. Even old decking, tarmac or concrete can be turned into a luscious lawn with artificial turf. If you enjoy gardening, but don’t have the room for a full flower bed, add some plant pots. What about your vertical space? Climbing plants on a trellis create a beautiful natural look.
Artificial grass and garden gazebo

Shelter from the elements.

So you have a perfect lawn and beautiful garden furniture but the Great British weather is stopping you from setting foot outside. Make sure you add some sheltered areas that allow you to enjoy your garden all year round. This can be anything from an awning to a full gazebo. This creates a fantastic space to kick back and relax or entertain and socialise.
artificial grass next to pond and paved dining area

Add focal features.

Garden features can add a lot of interest to the overall design. From simple to complex, there are options for all styles and budgets. For example, a smaller garden would look great with a rockery, as they are easy to fit on slopes or rough ground. If you have a large space, a water feature such as a pond or fountain can be enjoyed by all the family.
Fire Pit surrounded by benches

Heat things up with a fire pit.

Fire pits are one of the most popular outdoor living designs trends at the moment. They add a unique, social and relaxing atmosphere to any outdoor space. There are many styles to choose from, including in-ground and above ground as well as decorative paving to line the exterior.These pits add a key focal point to your garden to stunning effect. Whatever your choice regarding designs, you’re sure to enjoy many hours of conversation around this season’s hottest design trend.
Pizza Oven in sunny garden

Create an al fresco kitchen.

Another emerging outdoor trend is the addition of a wood fire oven. From home fired pizza to meat stews and slow roasted meats, you can create restaurant standard dishes in your back garden. They can also be stunning additions to an outdoor space, providing a visual centrepiece for an alfresco kitchen.Although it can be an expensive installation, there are many resources and guides available for a DIY oven if you’re up to the challenge.

However you choose to enhance your outdoor space, some careful planning and design will create a haven that you can enjoy all year round

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How to create an indoor oasis

How to Create an Indoor Oasis

If you have little to no outdoor space in your home, it’s time to start thinking about how to bring the outdoors in.  House plants have become all the rage recently, so we thought it was the perfect time to look at how you can create your own indoor oasis.

Why Create an Indoor Oasis?

A pink beanbag chair surrounded by furniture and big plants, including a monstera

Extending nature indoors is both aesthetically pleasing and good for your health. According to NASA, houseplants help create healthy environments by purifying the air.

Working in the presence of greenery improves concentration, social interaction, productivity and memory. The University of Michigan found that memory retention can increase by 20 percent, simply by working in a plant-filled environment.

We are all becoming increasingly aware of our wellness, and the effects that stress has on our bodies. Surrounding yourself with nature is proven to reduce stress, boost your mood and make you generally happier!

Indoor Greenhouse

If it’s your dream to own a conservatory one day, but you don’t have the space just yet, then this theme could be the one for you.

Pick a room with lots of natural sunlight, as most plants will thrive better in natural light over artificial. Take up those carpets and get to know your wooden floors – they’ll mean that any mess you create while potting plants will be easy to clean up.

Go for a mixture of different plants – herbs, succulents and cacti to start with if you’re not the most confident of gardeners. Palms and trailing plants can add to the variety and depth of your oasis too.


Starting with a dark base – dark walls, floors and ceilings – and adding layer upon layer upon layer is a particular style of maximalism that is really lifted by greenery, and it can definitely feel like an indoor oasis of a slightly different kind.

Use different hues, furniture from different eras, combine textures, patterns and embellishments, and add in your favourite plants too. From giant cacti to make a statement to lots of cacti or ferns, there’s no such thing as too much!

Lush and Green

Living walls are a key trend loved by green-fingered urbanites as they provide a perfect solution for those with little or no outdoor space – if you can’t grow out, grow up!

Living walls are a great way of bringing the outdoors in, whilst also providing a contemporary focal point to your home. They can be created on all scales, whether that’s a jaw-dropping full wall piece or a living picture frame hung on a wall. Creating a living wall is achievable regardless of your gardening experience with stackable planters that can be tailored to suit your chosen design. For the novices among you, the same aesthetic can be achieved by using artificial plants and grasses.

A living room with green cushions, a living wall of green, with more plants on the bookcase, and some ivy in the foregound

Peaceful Japanese Garden

loft style living room with three bonsai trees on the window sill

Experiment with the Japanese trend of ‘wabi-sabi’ by embracing the natural imperfections of your green space. The balance of nature and nurture is at the heart of this theme, recreate through overgrown perennials, weathered pots and moss-covered stones. This theme is perfect for the gardening beginner wishing to inject some zen into their life.

Fake it ‘til you Make it

Not sure you can handle real plants but still want the look? That’s where fake plants and grass comes in! Artificial plants have come a long way, and they can look just like the real thing. Whatever your style, there’s an artificial plant to help you achieve your look.

From a grass wall to a desert style cactus, artificial plants can recreate that oasis feel without the upkeep of figuring out how each plant likes to be looked after, buying all the stuff to look after them properly, and then remembering to actually get it done as well!

a series of box shelves with artificial plants on a dark wall

Which style would you choose for your home?